Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Apt 233

Dear Apt 233,

Today marks the last day I'll drive through your slow-as-Christmas gate, walk up your three flights of stairs, and walk through your door that slams really loud. 

Twelve months of life happened inside these walls. I spent my first married night here. Learned and continue to learn how to be a wife. These walls saw us send Lincoln out into Kindergarten, and got to watch us prepare for our very first soccer game. These walls have seen tears, both happy and sad, have seen mountains and valleys, and have watched three people become a family. There have been more bad days than good, and more wrestle fights then I knew were possible. 

We brought a new dog home here (I'm so sorry family) and cried when we thought we were losing our other one. We swam in the pool every free minute we had, and got covered in bruises going down the slide the wrong way. This pool witnessed Lincoln learning how to swim, and us celebrating as he did. In August I cursed the stairs as I willed myself not to die from food poisoning and told my husband we could move to Africa as long as it didn't have three flights of stairs. We celebrated victories here.. my first RN job and Lincoln learning how to read. We brought a huge Christmas tree into this apartment, and then wrestled it out two months later leaving a huge trail of pine needles in it's place. We said numerous "I'm sorrys" and even more "I love yous." We've traveled to Legoland and Disney World from this apartment, and to the Florida Trail several times. 

We've packed a lot of life into twelve months here. Despite the fact that our walk in closet was more like a storage unit and we had no back yard to play in, I loved you sweet little apartment. I especially loved that Linc (and us!) called you the "compartment" and all our family dinners on the "veranda." You were my first home with my married family, and I'll never forget the way we celebrated when we found out you were ours. More than that, I'll never forget my husband taking my hand and praying not for the apartment to be ours, but for God's will to be done. I certainly won't miss your long address, but I will miss how easy you were to clean.

So here's to the sweetest first home, and another new beginning. Thanks for the memories, compartment 233. 

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