Monday, January 16, 2017

We're Moving!

We are! Our family of five (us and the dogs.. Not any babies) are moving! Just down the street.. But still.

When we got married we moved into an apartment.. Which is all well and good, except we have no backyard and heaven knows this five year old needs to run. We also have to walk up and down three flights of stairs which was cute at the beginning, but not so much eleven months later. We knew back then that after a year we would probably search for a house. So here we are a year later, and now the sweetest home is ours.

The way this house worked out for our family can be explained as nothing short of miraculous. God did such a perfect work in giving us this home, and we are so grateful.

So in 17 days we are heading to our new home. Instead of a two bedroom apartment we have a three bedroom house, with a big backyard. The prettiest magnolia tree in the yard, and a park down the street. I can't wait to share all the details once we get settled.

We are super excited for this new adventure for our family, and all the moving tips (and boxes!) you have are welcome. (+ If anyone in our area is getting rid of a washer and dryer, please let us know!) 

Happy Monday, friends! 


  1. Yay!! CONGRATULATIONS! :) I can't wait to see and hear more about it!

  2. AHHH! Congrats, Carrie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited for you!!!!!! Pleeeease keep us updated with all the fun new house things. Hope the move goes well!

    1. Now I just need some of your signs from your shop friend!!

  3. How wonderful little sister! Love you!

  4. So exciting!!!! A great tip (we've moved 4 times) is to clearly label boxes with their room and a general idea of contents. It makes it a MILLION times easier to unpack and find things you need. 😊 good luck, it's an exciting venture to move for sure!!!