Tuesday, January 24, 2017

House/Moving Progress

Happy Tuesday, friends! 

You know what allows you to get blog posts written? A sick little boy. Currently writing this at midnight with a sick Linc man laying in bed beside me. 24 is our new show of choice, and Michael and I finished season one tonight right before we heard Linc start coughing in bed. I mentioned that he would probably wake up and crawl into our bed, and less than a minute later he did.

So while I watch over my sick boy for a while I figured I'd update on how the moving is going. Just for clarification, we didn't buy this house. We are just renting, but it's possible we may be there up to two years, and we're excited to make this new place home in just over a week!


We got Linc's room AND the downstairs bathroom painted a few days ago. We want to paint the whole house (because I hate white) but it's going to be a long process one room at a time. I'm super excited about Lincoln's room and I can't wait to see (and share!) the finished product.


Our backyard is fenced in (ALL the praise hands!) and the hurricane knocked down a couple places in the fence. This week we have some people going to fix it and I'm so excited for countless days playing in that yard. (Also, look at those pretty trees. Hello, nature preserve.)


Our new house is two stories and the second floor is carpeted. This week they are having the carpet redone and I can't wait to see it.


Packing is ehhh. The "compartment" is a mess, and for the most part anything that can be packed in advance is packed. I'm working on cleaning out my car so that I can move things and that's pretty ehhh too. 


We picked up our new kitchen table last week and Linc's surprise for his new room came in the mail! Someone also gave us a washer and dryer (Thank you, Sandy!) and we can pick that up about a week after we move in. Thankfully we will still have our apartment and can come do laundry here. 

I think that's about it right now. We're so excited to be starting this new adventure and I can't wait to share more once we're settled! Eight days! 

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