Tuesday, January 24, 2017

House/Moving Progress

Happy Tuesday, friends! 

You know what allows you to get blog posts written? A sick little boy. Currently writing this at midnight with a sick Linc man laying in bed beside me. 24 is our new show of choice, and Michael and I finished season one tonight right before we heard Linc start coughing in bed. I mentioned that he would probably wake up and crawl into our bed, and less than a minute later he did.

So while I watch over my sick boy for a while I figured I'd update on how the moving is going. Just for clarification, we didn't buy this house. We are just renting, but it's possible we may be there up to two years, and we're excited to make this new place home in just over a week!


We got Linc's room AND the downstairs bathroom painted a few days ago. We want to paint the whole house (because I hate white) but it's going to be a long process one room at a time. I'm super excited about Lincoln's room and I can't wait to see (and share!) the finished product.


Our backyard is fenced in (ALL the praise hands!) and the hurricane knocked down a couple places in the fence. This week we have some people going to fix it and I'm so excited for countless days playing in that yard. (Also, look at those pretty trees. Hello, nature preserve.)


Our new house is two stories and the second floor is carpeted. This week they are having the carpet redone and I can't wait to see it.


Packing is ehhh. The "compartment" is a mess, and for the most part anything that can be packed in advance is packed. I'm working on cleaning out my car so that I can move things and that's pretty ehhh too. 


We picked up our new kitchen table last week and Linc's surprise for his new room came in the mail! Someone also gave us a washer and dryer (Thank you, Sandy!) and we can pick that up about a week after we move in. Thankfully we will still have our apartment and can come do laundry here. 

I think that's about it right now. We're so excited to be starting this new adventure and I can't wait to share more once we're settled! Eight days! 

Monday, January 16, 2017

We're Moving!

We are! Our family of five (us and the dogs.. Not any babies) are moving! Just down the street.. But still.

When we got married we moved into an apartment.. Which is all well and good, except we have no backyard and heaven knows this five year old needs to run. We also have to walk up and down three flights of stairs which was cute at the beginning, but not so much eleven months later. We knew back then that after a year we would probably search for a house. So here we are a year later, and now the sweetest home is ours.

The way this house worked out for our family can be explained as nothing short of miraculous. God did such a perfect work in giving us this home, and we are so grateful.

So in 17 days we are heading to our new home. Instead of a two bedroom apartment we have a three bedroom house, with a big backyard. The prettiest magnolia tree in the yard, and a park down the street. I can't wait to share all the details once we get settled.

We are super excited for this new adventure for our family, and all the moving tips (and boxes!) you have are welcome. (+ If anyone in our area is getting rid of a washer and dryer, please let us know!) 

Happy Monday, friends! 

Monday, January 9, 2017


Happy Friday! This morning instead of going back to sleep after taking Linc man to school, I'm getting stuff done around the new house. 

Today I'm going to share some of our wedding pictures. Despite the fact that we've had them forever, I haven't blogged about them yet. What a sweet, sweet day it was saying 'I do' to the man God blessed me with. 

I blogged about getting ready HERE so go check that out. 

This was going to be a post all about our bridal party.. but there are just too many pictures. So here are my girls. 

What incredible ladies I am blessed to call family and friends. Although they stood by me on the biggest day of my life, most importantly they stand beside me daily, and that's why I chose to have them beside me. I'm so grateful for them. 

Before I post all these pictures, I should mention these ladies are fantastic to have put up with me during planning. I wasn't a bridezilla.. but I just didn't care about the details and apparently that was annoying. When they asked what they should wear I literally made them pick. When they asked how they should do their hair, I literally told them to decide. So thank you, for making my job easier and not killing me when my answer was always "I don't care, whatever you want."


I look creepy in this picture. But they look so happy.  

The sweetest flower girl.. not caring a bit that pictures were being taken.

I am not above bribery which you can clearly see here. She literally took a huge chunk out of my sister's bouquet. This people. This is why you shouldn't sweat the small stuff.

Also. It took everything in me to get back up after I squatted down like that. That is one freaking tight dress and it weighed approximately 40 lbs.

We call this one "drop the baby and run."

If you're new around here, this is Jessie. She's my nursing school best friend and the only reason I survived it. She was the first person I ever told about Michael and the day after I met him she thought I told him I loved him. For clarification: I didn't. Not that day anyway.

Fun fact: We were told to lock arms and walk, and we walked SOOOOO slow. Apparently the slowest our photographer had ever seen. I literally couldn't walk much faster, and didn't want to get my dress dirty. This is why I don't wear white. But the laughter from our walk made for some fantastic candid photos.

This is probably my favorite picture from my bridesmaids. Makes me happy every time I see it. They made our wedding day so so special and I am so thankful for them. 

Other wedding posts: Getting Ready

Friday, January 6, 2017

I'm Back + 2017 goals!

Friends! I'm back! After a long blogging hiatus I'm back to share on my tiny space of the internet. I've missed writing all these months but I now I'm back and my heart is so happy.

These past few months have been so great.. between Christmas and my birthday we've been so busy, but it's been so great. Now it's the new year and I'm excited to see what this year holds.

I want to look back and see our family's memories shared and be able to relive them through this space.. so here I am. I have a lot of trips to post and all the wedding pictures to share, but today I figured I'd share my goals/resolutions for 2017.

I know some people hate resolutions and most of the time we quit them.. but these are things I'd like to work on this year.. some silly and some serious.

Read my Bible more consistently. Not let busyness or exhaustion take away from the most important thing. 
Look for God in the little as well as the big. 
Blog if I can find the time.
Put my phone down more often. 
Spend a lot of time outdoors with Linc man.
Be intentional with my time. 
Train the bad dog Brinx. 
Be healthier. Eat better. Exercise regularly. This includes finding some sort of exercise I actually enjoy.
Pay off debt. 
Do some of the classes I need for my bachelor degree. 
Attempt tennis again without a bad attitude (sorry, patient Husband.)
Take time to spend quiet time at some of my favorite places.

I think that's it.. but knowing me I'll add some through the year. 

Here's to a year full of God and family and laughter.. my very favorite things.