Wednesday, May 4, 2016

How's Married Life?

It is the middle of the week and I am actually posting a blog. Go me! 

It never fails. At least five times a week I get asked, "So how is married life?" And because I get the question so often these days sometimes I want to say something super sarcastic along the lines of, "Oh it's just terrible. No one told me how much I'd hate it. Who is this man I married?!?! And is it too late for an annulment?!?!" But I don't.. because some people just don't appreciate good sarcasm. 

So if you're someone who wants more than the typical "Oh it's great!" answer, here it is.

It is great. I've been looking forward to the three of us living together for a longggg time, and now that it's finally here I AM LOVING IT. It is more than I dreamed, and I'm so grateful.

It is a change. I moved out of my parents house for the first time ever. Linc moved out of the only home he's ever known. Michael and I have never lived together. In fact, until mid-February, we had never lived less than an hour apart. So it is a change. We are learning how to be married, and we're learning each other more deeply than we ever have. With that comes mistakes and successes.. And it's only getting sweeter. 

We are so busy. Michael works full-time and sings with the Jacksonville Symphony Chorus. Linc goes to school, just finished tball, and just started swimming lessons. I just quit my old job and I start my new job on Monday. We also are learning how to best plan our time to see family as much as we can. We love the busy days, but are also so grateful for the slow family days.

We do a lot of laundry. Only three people live in this house and I feel like we do laundry CONSTANTLY. I can only chalk that up to the fact that my husband doesn't feel like the day is complete if he doesn't change clothes at least twice. (I'm kidding but he does change clothes a lot.) 

There is an abundance of sass in this house. I knew all three of us had the potential to be all kinds of sassy, but for some reason it seems to have exponentially increased with us living in the same house. On any given day, it could be all three of us. It keeps everyone on their feet and keeps us laughing a lot.

Lincoln is thriving. Linc is a gift I wasn't aware I needed. He came in a time when I didn't know who I was, and he was the sweetest gift God could've ever surprised me with. Seeing him have the blessing of MikeHodges is so sweet - such an answered prayer. He thinks MikeHodges hung the moon. We play Skylanders and wrestle fight and swim in the pool at least every other day. Linc is so ready for Kindergarten, and he keeps us laughing all day every day. I was nervous about this change for him, but it has been so great. 

I married a good one. He is patient and always makes time for me and Lincoln. When he comes home from work, he always spends an hour wrestle-fighting Linc, despite how tired he is. He's also SO full of grace. I'm likely to try to beat a dead horse, but Michael isn't. We can have a disagreement and we'll both apologize, not even five minutes later he'll cuddle with me and tell me how great of a wife I am. I have never seen Jesus' grace in the flesh like I have these past two months in our marriage. He reminds me that Jesus sees us as a whole -how much he loves us- instead of the last thing we did wrong. Michael Hodges is such a gift. 

(He left this note on my car. How cute is he?!)

So married life is fantastic. We are loving it and settling in, and I'm grateful for the blessing of the man I married. So when you ask me how married life is, "It's awesome! We're loving it." is the short version of this blog post. 


  1. You three. SO freaking adorable. Also, I love sarcasm and would totally appreciate your feisty sarcasm of "marriage is so terrible" ;) My first year of marriage was a year of extremes--SO amazing but the adjustment period was SO challenging. (Also Devin showered twice a day for the first few years, which ALSO leads to SO MUCH LAUNDRY. Haha I feel ya girl)