Friday, May 6, 2016

Five on Friday

Woohoo, it is FRIDAY. Which doesn't mean much in my world because I'm a nurse and married to a nurse and we have days off during the week. But that's probably not your situation so YAY for your weekend! It is Mother's Day weekend and we have a lot of fun stuff planned. 

I love Five on Friday posts because I can be crazy random. It's the best.



Today started nurses week and it lasts until Thursday, the 12th. So go hug a nurse because they probably know more about you than your doctor does.

But really. I'm passionate about nursing and RN's rock and it's pretty cool we have a week devoted to celebrating the nursing profession. 

And because I know someone must want to get me a gift, I've had my eye on this badge reel for work (the one on the very left). I'm kidding. I'm kidding. 

Happy Nurses Week to my fellow nurses, especially my classmates who are celebrating their first Nurses Week along with me, and my amazing husband, who is the best nurse I know! 


This is kind of an addition to number one, but they're both so important I thought they needed their own space..

I start my new job on Monday. I'm excited and nervous and so happy to finally be doing what I've been wanting to do for YEARS.

Also. Scrubs are like the equivalent of pajamas which means I basically get to wear my pajamas to work every day. And they have to be navy blue, which means I never have to figure out what looks good together. SCORE. 

"I don't always wear scrubs ... Oh wait, yes I do.":


Next week is Linc man's LAST WEEK OF PRE-K.

Be still my heart.

This year has been so great. I've watched as Linc has gotten better at writing, started every morning with a smile, and has enjoyed extended stay SO much.

His teachers have been fantastic and I am so grateful for the influence they've had on him this year.

We sure will miss his Pre-K. He has been there since he was two and it has been such a joy to see him grow.

Friday night is graduation (cue the tears) and I am so excited to watch my handsome blue-eyed boy cross that stage. He rocks and I am so proud of him.


This is where random comes in.

We have a problem at this house.

It's called none of us know how to eat without getting a stain on our clothes. 

So in comes the most magical creation ever.

I use this on all our stains and they always come out. Always.

Thank you, Mom, for opening my eyes to this fantastic invention. This is just one of the many reasons you are the best mom on the planet. That and the fact that you didn't kill me when I was 17 and told you I was pregnant.

So really. Go buy it. You will fall in love. 


Wedding pictures. 

We should be getting them sometime in the middle of the month. 


What a good two month wedding anniversary that will be! 

That's it for this week! Happy Friday, friends! 

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