Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Happy 5th Birthday, Lincoln!

Happy birthday to my handsome boy! Today you are FIVE!

I can't believe it. Halfway to ten.

Five years ago I delivered the most handsome blue-eyed boy into this world. 6 lb 10 oz of pure joy. You were a miracle then. You still are now.

I didn't know who I was when you came into this world. I had learned a lot about myself over the previous nine months, but I still had a ways to go. You and I.. we grew up together. You were with me through high school graduation, my first full-time job, starting college, a new job, nursing school, college graduation, and a marriage. I was with you through your first solids, sitting up, your first steps, your first words, three first days of school, tball x2, and very soon, your graduation from Pre-K. We walked through so many stages of life together.. And you didn't know it, but your smile pushed me through.

Little man of mine, you're the reason I worked so hard. You're the reason I went to work all day and stayed up all night studying. You're the reason I walked across those stages. To give you a good life. To give you the things you dream.

Today you are five. 

You are strong. You are kind. Your heart is made of pure gold.

I am so proud of the little boy you are.

You are tender-hearted, often worrying if you've hurt someones feelings. If you tell someone you want to play on something and they are being mean, you come to me. You don't retaliate. I see so much of me in you, sweet Linc. 

You'll learn to stand up for yourself sometime, but I would much rather teach you that than teach your heart to soften. Your sweet spirit and calm demeanor is not lost on me.

You love Skylanders and wrestle fights and when I asked you who your best friend at school was you said, "I don't have a best friend at school, remember? MikeHodges is my best friend." That makes my heart happy. You are so comfortable with him, and God has absolutely paved the way to make this transition so sweet. He has allowed that relationship to grow, and it's what I've always prayed for you.

You've been playing tball but you're so over it. Still, it is so fun to watch you run for the ball and then run back to your position. It's also the best to watch you hit the ball and run the bases. Your facial expressions are THE best. You really want to play soccer in the fall and we've been playing a lot lately. You tell us that you "know a lot of tricks." 

You love going to "the forrest" to hike, and we love watching you. You pick me flowers and you love that we take Copper. Cop is your favorite. You adore him but you also love to boss him around. When he gets on your bed you love nothing more than to shout "No sir! Get down!" 

Pickles, muffins, and icee's are your favorites right now. 

You are hilarious. You keep me on my toes all day every day, and I laugh constantly when you're talking. You sound so much like a grown up. The other day I asked you why you thought MikeHodges loves me and you said, "Because you're good at making coffee." You also love to preface statements with the words, "This is say to say but.." And when something good happens you will say, "We're in lucky!" Instead of 'we're in luck.' 

As I kneeled by your bed last night, I couldn't help but thank God over and over for you as tears streamed down my face. I watched you sleep peacefully and thanked God for the sweetest five years with you. I thanked him for your sweet heart, and your ability to go with the flow so easily. Sweet child, you are a gift. A treasure. I'll never get over being your mom. 

So today is all about you, handsome. I can't wait to see you open your presents and enjoy your biscuits from Cracker Barrel tonight. I can't wait to bring cupcakes to your school and watch you enjoy them with your friends. 

You are the greatest gift God has ever given me and I am so thankful for you, today and every day! I love you big five year old!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Five on Friday {+ the best news!}

Hooray for Friday! 

When my husband gets off work tonight we will have FIVE days off together. Talk about exciting. I can't wait! 

Here are my five randoms for the week including some BIG news! 


This sweet boy turns FIVE in eleven days! 

Where on earth did time go?!?! 

I love being his mom. It's the best job on the planet. I really can't wait to celebrate him next weekend! It's going to be the best! 


Wednesday morning I met my parents for breakfast at Panera after I dropped Linc off at school. 

We spent a good hour laughing and talking and enjoying being together.

These two have given so much of themselves over the years, especially to me, and I'm so grateful to be their daughter. I'm amazed at the way their polar opposite personalities are so perfect for each other.

My favorite part of breakfast? The way they made each other laugh the whole time. They make me believe in a happily ever after.

Also? They give proof that age really is just a number (sometimes). Power to the large age gap couples!



I was going to put this in the Oh my gosh, he's turning five category, but I feel like it deserves its own. 

Kindergarten registration is in a couple weeks.


Linc man graduates from Pre-K next month and then in the fall he starts Kindergarten. I can't even believe it. 

Despite the fact that I will probably be a wreck, I really am excited for this new season. I'm praying he gets the teacher we request and that his first year in real school goes well.


(So much for a serious anniversary picture.)

Michael and I celebrated a month of marriage on Tuesday, and I feel so honored to be his bride. 

This month has been so sweet. We have had good moments and bad, and I've learned so much about this handsome man I call husband. 

He is a fantastic husband. He is patient, the best encourager, and believes in me when I don't believe in myself. 

I love being married to that man, and I'm so grateful he chose me. 


I GOT A JOB!!!!!!!!

(Originally when I wrote this on Tuesday I hadn't told my boss so I couldn't share, but now the appropriate people have been notified so it is time to celebrate people!!!!)

An RN job, at a hospital, working days. PERFECT.

I get to work as a nurse! I'm still so in awe. This is what I've begged God for for years. I've prayed and asked and hoped. This is all I've wanted for so long, and it's finally here. I can't wait to start! 

I've been praying so hard for this to line up and I start early next month. I am so excited to finally be starting the career I've worked so hard for.

So that's all for me this week! I'm looking forward to an awesome weekend and a lot of family days this week! Happy weekend, friends!