Saturday, January 9, 2016

Our Summer - Part Two

Way back in August I posted part one of our Summer.. and I vowed I would post part two and three. Yeah, well.. it's January and I haven't posted either. Because this is my blog and I'm really about the only one who reads it, I'm going to post part two now. I want to look back and remember our Summer. Here it is: our July. 

We hung out with Brilee Lou a lot. 

We celebrated the 4th of July blowing up fireworks and trying not to catch the house on fire. 

We hung out at the "compartment" a lot..

And swam in the pool several days a week.

We almost lost our sweet Cop due to an Addisonian crisis, but thankfully were able to nurse him back to health. 

We hung out a lot with MikeHodges, and we finally became members at our church!

We went to the zoo with my parents and to the beach to feed birds. Side note: I hate birds. They scare me to death. This picture gives me chills. 

 To top off our amazing July, we had lots of Mommy Lincoln dates. It was a good month, even if I didn't blog about it until six months later. 

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