Friday, January 15, 2016

Five on Friday - Wedding Edition

Happy Friday! Today is the happiest! It officially marks 50 days until we say 'I do!!!!!!'

Despite the fact that I have to work three 12 hour shifts between now and Tuesday, I'm going to drink my blessed coffee and enjoy the last day I have off before the weekend. 

I shared in this post about why I am, indeed, the worst bride ever. But despite my apathetic attitude toward detail, we have been getting some planning done these last couple weeks. 

Here are five of the things we've finally decided on!

Yes. Just yes.


My mom is great at details and mentioned on Monday that I should make an appointment with the florist {yeah, I guess that is important} so we went Wednesday. The guy we met with was absolutely fantastic, worked with my budget {hello, cheap thrifty}, and our appointment was over in 30 minutes. That's what I'm talking about. Also, I love my flowers. They're exactly what I envisioned!


Bridal shower planning is under way! February 6th is the big day and I'm so excited to celebrate with the ladies I love most. My sister is awesome and I'm so thankful for her willingness to make everything so perfect.


My mom, like I said, rocks at the details. In the past few weeks she's ordered more plates, cups, table cloths, and table runners. Her eye for all of this is obviously way better than mine and I'm thankful that she's been so great at keeping me on track.


{Michael tried to be cute and tell me to send him a picture of me at my alterations so I sent him this. He wasn't impressed.} 

I had my wedding alterations done this week. Next time I pick up my wedding dress it will fit perfectly and will be all ready to go for the wedding! 



Move in day is February 15th and I am so excited! We've been packing around here and trying to get things ready. Michael will move in that day and Linc and I will move in March 5th. We are all so ready to live in one place. 

{The box above are my coffee mugs. Serious business, people.}


There's going to be a sixth because, well, it's my blog and I'm excited about this. We sent out our invitations last week and have been getting RSVPs! I'm not usually a fan of the mail but with all the packages and RSVPs coming it makes it exciting. 

I was thinking the other day, how blessed we are to have such an incredible group of people in our lives that would take time out of their schedules to come see us get married. That is not lost on me, and I'm so thankful.

So there are my five for this week. And just because I feel like my posts aren't complete without a picture of my cute boy, here he is.


  1. yay wedding planning is so fun :) so glad i found your blog through the linkup!

  2. This is all so exciiiiitingggg!!!!!! You're getting so close! I totally feel you on being apathetic towards details (my mom had all these opinions on center pieces and I could not have cared she got to be the designer and do whatever she wanted :) haha.) but it sounds like everything's coming together so nicely!!!

  3. Yay! So excited for you! Love those invites lol!