Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Proposal

I've thought about how I wanted to write this post a lot. Whether I wanted to include all the details that made the day so perfect (and humorous) or to just give the big picture. But because I want to remember every moment from that day, there are going to be a lot of details. If you want to read JUST the proposal part, scroll down about halfway. If not, the rest is for you. :)

October 9th is Michael's birthday so I woke up SO excited. I love birthdays and even though we didn't have too much planned (or so I thought) I was excited to celebrate him.

We've been planning the wedding for a couple months now and it's not too far off so I was sure he couldn't surprise me. At that point it wasn't a question of if he was going to propose, but when. 

I dropped Linc off at school and headed home to get ready for our day. We had plans to play putt-putt in St. Augustine and then go to dinner at Cap's on the Water with Michael's mom for his birthday dinner. 

I texted him this picture and told him I bought my coffee in celebration of his birthday. Justification at it's finest.

I picked Linc up from school and then we headed to Michael's house. When we got there he opened his presents/cards and Linc ate lunch. I should add that we hung out with his dad and grandma while we were there and they gave NOTHING away. His dad even said, "Have a good time at dinner, I hear the food is good. Depending on what time y'all get back I may not see you." I mean. These people are GOOD.

We headed to St. Augustine to a new putt-putt and it's our new favorite. SO much fun! 

Because we didn't expect it to be so hot, I didn't bring sunscreen and when Lincoln's face started getting red I couldn't be sure if it was him being hot or being sun burnt (he was just hot) so I asked Michael if him and I could skip the rest of the holes and just let Linc play real fast. He said yes, but that totally ruined the next part of his plan.

He convinced me we needed nice clothes for dinner (you go, MikeHodges!) so we "asked" his mom if we could go to her house to change. She wasn't going to be there because she was "shopping," aka, at the restaurant coordinating the proposal. 

Because of the heat vs. sunburn issue, we were going to catch her still at her house so Michael detoured. I'm talking, through-the-bad-part-of-town, terribly-lost detour. And this is the thing. Michael Hodges doesn't get lost. Ever. Flag number one that something was up. 

Then he told me he wanted to take me by a restaurant he's told me is his favorite so I could see where it was. That added to the detour. And then of course, he and Lincoln needed drinks, so we stopped at a gas station too. 

Off we headed to his mom's house and his phone rings. He immediately mutes it and takes it farther away from me. He's then texting his mom and I'm thinking, What is so important that it can't wait the ten minutes? Well. Apparently we were about to catch her was important. 

When we got to her neighborhood he pulls down the wrong street and says, "Oops. I thought this street went through." We pull up to his mom's house just as I'm giving up on figuring out how on earth he thought the two streets were connected and we headed inside. 

We were supposed to meet his mom at the restaurant at 5:30 so we all started getting ready. What I didn't know then was that he was checking voice mails and texting people while he was in the bathroom.

We got to the restaurant and headed up to the hostess. She looked all sorts of happy and immediately seated us at a table right on the water. What I didn't know then is that Cap's is crazy busy on a Friday night. For one, you have to wait, and two, you don't usually get lucky enough to get a seat right by the water. 

When we sat down I started deciding what Linc was going to eat and Michael didn't even touch his menu which is unheard of because the man loves to eat. His mom said, "I need to go grab something out of the car," and walks away from us. We ordered our drinks and then Michael asked if we wanted to go walk on the dock while we waited for his mom to get back. The three of us love sunsets on the water and docks, so it was perfect. 

We headed out there and the dock was empty. I mean, no one in sight. I didn't pay much attention though because I'd never been and I was all sorts of hungry. I found out later that the entire restaurant knew what was about to happen. They had cleared tables so we would definitely have a seat on the water and they had made sure no one stood up from their tables or went on the docks. 

Linc really wanted to go on the floating dock at this point and we both told him we would in a minute. At that point Michael pulls me in his arms and just holds me, not unusual at all. Then Lincoln tried to walk away and Michael says, "Linc, stay here. I need to ask your Mommy a question." 

At this point I am about to flip out. I literally thought "Does he mean like what I want for dinner or THE question?!" 

He held me some more, Linc tried to walk away some more, and Michael finally said, "Lincoln, stand right there for just one minute." It took all I had not to die laughing because he was being so sweet and Lincoln was trying to run off and it was just typical our life. 

After holding me some more he said the sweetest things, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said yes and went into shock mode where I promptly told him over and over, "But it's your birthday." 

From the beginning we've really wanted our proposal and wedding to be about the three of us becoming a family which is why it was so perfect that Linc man was right beside us when it happened. Michael got down on Lincoln's level and said, "Lincoln, I just asked your Mommy to marry me," and Linc, without skipping I beat, said "I know. I heard you." Heaven help us.

About five minutes later Michael asked "Do you like your ring?" and that's precisely when I realized I hadn't looked at it yet. 

It finally hit me that I wanted to tell people and I asked, "Does everyone know?!" He grabbed my hand and said, "Come here, baby." When we were almost off the dock I looked up and there was a group of about 20 of our closest family and friends who had just witnessed the whole thing and I was completely shocked.

Each time I turned around and saw someone else I kept saying, "And YOU'RE here!" Over and over. 

Completely shocked. Completely excited. And look at his sweet smile. The man did so good!

The rest of the night we got to spend hanging out with all the people we love. It was the best! Lincoln's best friend was there so he was super excited to hang out with him. 

We took more pictures and we ate good food and we enjoyed being engaged. 

I prayed for this countless times and God has answered my prayers with these two gifts. I couldn't feel any more blessed to be Lincoln's mom and Michael's fiance. Friday night I just stared at them because I'm in awe. This is really real, they are really here, and we are really a family. It's the best gift in the entire world.

These two are everything. My family, my home. I am SO excited to spend the rest of my life these them. They are my greatest adventure. 

God is good and His timing is perfect.

I couldn't have planned this night better myself. Michael worked so hard to keep this huge secret.. He had so many people involved and went to Cap's three times to plan it all out. The man is thoughtful and selfless and I am so excited to be marrying him!

Thank you to our family and friends who went with the flow that night, especially when the plan kept changing. It meant the world to us to have y'all there and love y'all more than words can say.

Thank you to Cap's on the Water for being so accommodating. Your staff went above and beyond to make this the most special night and we appreciate it so much!

And a huge thank you to our friend Lori Lawson. These pictures are so beautiful and you did such an amazing job! You can find her website here and her facebook page here 

Here's to a future full of wrestle-fighting, nerf gun-shooting, and lots of laughter. I am so excited to see what God has in store for our family!



  1. Omggggg!!!!! This is such a precious, precious story and all the details you included made it so easy to imagine. Also, Linc's respond--I know, I heard you--hahahahaha. I am so excited for you three!

  2. again, YAY! and what a PERFECT proposal! love it! congratulations beautiful!

  3. This is SOOO sweet!!! I am SO excited that it is finally official!!!! :) xoxo
    The ring is gorgeous and you guys are the sweetest family ever!