Saturday, August 15, 2015

Our Canoeing Adventure

Never in my life did I think I would go canoeing and ENJOY it. But apparently it's possible. 

Linc man had been asking to go kayaking so we decided instead to make a day of it and drive a couple hours to canoe instead. {In hindsight, it was a great idea because I can't steer to save my life and I probably would've gotten us stuck somewhere.}

I'm not an outdoorsy person, so I wasn't sure how much I'd enjoy the whole experience. I was super nervous because I was sure I'd flip the canoe or get eaten by an alligator or something equally as tragic. 

She obviously has all the faith in the world in me. 

I basically packed enough for us to survive for a week if need be, and we headed off the next morning for our adventure. Mike was sweet enough to drive me through Starbucks because he knows what's good for him. Obviously neither of the boys wanted to deal with my decaffeinated self. 

At this point Mike had his music, I had my coffee, and Linc man had his ipad and we were all smiles.

This was our first trip together, and even though it wasn't that long I learned some valuable lessons.. The most important of which was the passenger with absolutely no sense of direction {ahem, me} should not give directions/driving tips to the driver with a great sense of direction {ahem, Mike}. 

When I had read the website the night before, I saw there were a few different options of how far we could canoe - 3, 6, 7, or 15 miles. When I read 15 miles I thought "Well there's no way that's happening," because for one, I'm out of shape, and two, it was approximately 179 degrees outside. I had decided on the 6 or 7 mile trip.. It seemed reasonable. After all, I wanted to come back alive and all in one piece.

We arrived at the outpost and started talking to the man about our trip and how far we'd like to go when Mike said the words I was sure would end our relationship and the words that he would live to regret about 12 miles later.. "I'm up for 15 miles if y'all are." Um, I'm sorry. What? Are you trying to kill me?

In the end we stuck with the 15 miles, I came back alive, and we're still together, so it's a win-win.

Can we all stop and appreciate how cute this child looks?! I mean. 

Linc man was a trooper. He sat in between us and behaved the whole ride. He "helped" us paddle and kept us laughing. I was SO proud of him.

We stopped a couple hours in to eat lunch by a really pretty spring that I got approximately zero pictures of because I was enjoying our time so much. 

We also stopped later at another spring to get out and rest because we were supposed to be picked up at four and we were ahead of schedule. 

Lincoln picked this up from Mike, who had been doing it previously. I have a fabulous picture of that but I've been blackmailed so it won't be posted here, which is really a shame, because it has me laughing every time I see it.

One of my favorite things about the three of us being together is how much we have fun and how much we laugh together. It doesn't matter where we are or what we're doing, we're probably laughing. We can go canoeing, or swimming, or wrestle fighting and we'll be laughing. We truly enjoy being together, and that makes me happy. 

This is Lincoln "paddling, also known as almost tipping over the boat.

The man at the front had informed us that once we hit the last spring it was two or three miles till the end {I don't remember the exact number now}. He said we'd see a bridge and right before the bridge was where we would get out and they'd come pick us up.


At one point we just knew we had less than a mile left and I kid you not.. we must have paddled three more miles after that. Every turn we went around I was so sure we'd see the bridge, but every turn we were disappointed.

{I should also mention, during this time of no end in sight, Mike spotted an alligator. And despite his lapse in judgement about canoeing 15 miles, he made a great decision in not informing me of his sighting until after we got out of the canoe. The man knows me so well.} 

We kept looking at each other and Linc kept asking, "Are we almost there?" We were hot, tired, hungry, and ridiculously sore at this point.

This went on for what seemed like a sweet forever when we passed some people on a boat and asked where the ramp was. They said we were close {They lied, too} and we kept on. Finally, what seemed like three hours later, we arrived.

If Mike and I weren't seriously dehydrated {Linc wasn't because I forced him to drink water every five minutes} we probably would've cried tears of relief.

The man came to pick us up and drove us back to the main post where we walked like 98 year old people back to the car.  

On the way home we experienced a whole different kind of fun that included Lincoln saying, "I have to go potty NOW" and us not being able to find somewhere with a bathroom. 

When we got to Burger King you would've thought we had arrived at the fanciest restaurant in the world because we scarfed down those chicken nuggets like they were gourmet. 

We let Linc play for a while because, like I previously mentioned, the child rocked the whole riding 15 miles in a canoe with a Mike Hodges who zigzagged all over the river and a Mommy who got entirely too excited about the current and almost tipped us over half a dozen times.

Seriously, the boy is so awesome. 

It was such a great day.

When we got out at the end, Lincoln said, "When can we do this again?" And it was all worth it. 

We have decided next time though to go 6 or 7 miles.. because that's probably a good decision for our muscles and our relationship. 


  1. He is the cutest little boy ever! And your adventure looks like it was AMAZING. I love that you all love being together so much. That's precious.

  2. i am SO IMPRESSED that you canoed for 15 miles!!!!!! i did a lot of the "paddle and the float along" at the lake at the family reunion, so i can't imagine actually paddling for 15 miles. i love all the pictures (and the fact that at the break you were having too much fun to take more!) :) sounds like a fun, tiring trip.