Monday, August 24, 2015

Best Summer Ever {Part One}

Linc man started back to school last week, and we're trying our best to get back into a routine. 

I loved the mornings we got to stay in our pajamas until noon, and the days we would head to Mike Hodges house to spend all day with him. I loved the plans we made, and all the spontaneous moments we didn't plan. We didn't go on vacation or do anything extravagant, but we had so much fun. 

He's so excited to be in school again, and I know he will have a great year, but I sure will miss him from 9-12 every day. I will, however, get much more studying done because have you ever tried to study with a four year old jumping on your head? Exactly.

So just because I know I'll want to look back one day {like next week}, here's a recap of our summer. I had planned on doing one long post.. but I've taken so many pictures this Summer that I can't possibly post only one without boring everyone to tears.

So here's part one.. June!

We hung out with this sweet girl a lot. Her shirt says "If you think I'm cute you should see my aunt. Do you want to be my uncle?" I bought it before I met met and he says she can't wear it in public anymore. 

I hung out with these crazy people A LOT. As in, 3-4 times a week. We wore our cute white scrubs and we had a blast {sometimes}. In the picture above, Hayden is wearing a hat to class.. Her husband told her that morning "You look like a soccer mom who's given up on life." Which we all thought was hilarious. 

Linc man got a new car seat..

..And I got new glasses.

We celebrated Curry turning four!

My best friend got engaged!

And I got to watch her say yes to the dress!

We celebrated my passing PEDS with a trip to this awesome trampoline place. I may or may not have not so secretly laughed at Mike for not being able to get out of the foam pit.

Linc and I went to have lunch with Mike at his work. He typically walks us out to the car before he goes back but he had an emergency so I told him we'd be fine. Somehow I got all turned around and completely lost on the hospital campus. When we finally got outside it started pouring so I had to carry my 41 pound child through the rain for what seemed like a mile. This picture had to be included because we laughed for a good thirty minutes through the whole ordeal. It reminded me that life is too short to take yourself too seriously. And if you have a terrible sense of direction you should laugh about it often {mostly because everyone will laugh at your for it}. 

And then of course we hung out with our Mike Hodges..

We went canoeing.

Spending time between the three of us was my absolute favorite part of the month. 

And then for the sweetness that is my little boy..

I'm still floored that I get to be this little one's Mommy. Every day with him is a joy and an adventure and I can't wait to see what God has in store for his life.

So there's the first part of our Summer. It was so good. Laid back and full of fun.. Just how Summer should be! Sometime soon I'll get part two and three up! Happy Monday!


  1. It looks like a fabulous summer!! I remember how stressful it was doing summer classes in my grad program this summer, but also in my undergrad. I wouldn't give it up for the world though because of the awesome girls I got to hang out with in the process. I'm sure you feel the same :)

  2. Lincoln is just the cutest little man ever! I loved this post Carrington :) It looks like you guys had such an awesome summer. I am so happy for you and Mike. You deserve the best! :)

  3. what a fun month!!! (can i be invited to one of those trampoline places?!) and that baby onesie is hilarious--i love it!