Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day

Happy Monday, friends! 

Today I'm taking over The Peony Project's Instagram (@thepeonyproject) AND I'm guest posting over at Peculiar Treasures, so be sure to go visit those two places. Lots of exciting things going on today!

I'm starting my new class this morning so hopefully as you're reading this I've found the classroom and am actually learning something.

This Mother's Day was absolutely perfect. Before I get to recapping our day(s), I just want to say again how much I appreciate my mom for everything she's done. 

As I was writing different things for the blog yesterday and my personal Facebook I realized that thing I appreciate most about my mom are the things she's done for me as a single mom.

My mom loved me despite the announcement of a pregnancy at 17. She walked with me every day of my pregnancy so we would be healthy. She came to my appointments so I didn't have to be alone. She was there holding my hand in the delivery room. I owe her at least a million dollars for all the free babysitting she's done for me while I work/go to school. She has made sure that every Mother's Day I feel special and loved and noticed. She has really stood in the gap that she never should have had to, and I don't take that lightly. My mom rocks, and I mean that with every fiber of my being. 

With that being said.. 

I asked for Melanie Shankle's new book for Mother's Day. I knew my mom would get me something and so I figured that was small and something I really wanted.

Well, in the past year or so I've started riding my dad's bike because I didn't have one of my own. So one day a few weeks ago, my parents brought me home a bike for Mother's Day. They also gave me the cutest dress. They are amazing gift-givers and unbelievably generous.

Saturday night these sweet guys took me out for dinner for Mother's Day. We ate on the river and Linc Man got to see a "ferry boat" for the first time ever which absolutely made his day. 

The sunset on the ride home was absolutely breathtaking.

Mike edited this picture and got it blown up and framed for me and I absolutely love it. Seriously, how cute is that little grin with his hat on crooked. I couldn't love him more.

Sunday Linc and I headed to church and then ran by Publix to get my mom flowers and a gift card to Seasons 52 (if you've never been you NEED to). 

As I was putting our flowers in a vase my dad comes walking in with some too, so that's how she ended up with two things of flowers. 

Lincoln got me a card.. that sings. He also got my dad a singing birthday card. Dad's birthday is in February but that's irrelevant. And you can best believe we listened to those cards sing all day long.

My mom made waffles for lunch (because she rocks) and then Linc and I watched a movie from Redbox.

Sweet boy and I headed to putt-putt after that and had a blast. I love the age Linc is right now. He's got this hilarious personality, and is so kind-hearted. He makes my job as a mom so fun.

After putt-putt we headed to Baskin Robbins and had some delicious Reese's ice cream. If Heaven has ice cream, that flavor will be there.

Be still my heart.

Once we got home I got him a bath and my awesome parents hung out with Linc while I went to Starbucks to work on my dosage calc (which I have a test on tomorrow, by the way. Please be praying!) for an hour. It was so nice to sit outside and enjoy the breeze.

One of my favorites was working and she gave me my drink for free with a sweet note on the cup. The people at this Starbucks have watched me study numerous hours and have encouraged me constantly. I feel like family every time I go in. 

So there was our day in a nutshell. It started off with no plans and ended up being so great. Thank you for all the messages and texts yesterday. I am surrounded by the most amazing people possible and I'm so grateful for every one of you. 

It's going to be a good day!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Just for You, Mom

To The Woman Who..

Gave me life without drugs..
Lost sleep to feed me..
Bought me toys..
Took the training wheels off my bike..
Caught my throw up..
Held my hair when I was sick..
Made the doctors take a second look at my ears..
Gave up what she wanted so I could have my wants..
Volunteered in my classes at school..
Made costumes and projects..
Helped me with my math in 3rd grade..
Paid for me to play ball..
Coached my team..
Sat hours on a bucket to help me improve..
Paid for pitching lessons..
Bought me countless pieces of softball equipment..
Drove me to tournaments..
Worked concession stands..
Cheered me on at all my games..
Shaved my leg when I got my cast off..
Helped me with my homework..
Drove me to friends houses..
Drove me late at night to get a newspaper when I forgot my current event..
Clothed me..
Made every birthday special..
Threw my nasty sock out the window..
Loved me during the words, "I'm pregnant."
Walked almost 1,000 miles with me through my pregnancy..
Taught me the courage that helped me be a single mom..
Taught me what baby cereal was..
Was my rock through a teenage pregnancy..
Held me while I cried..
Went to every doctor's appointment so I wouldn't be alone..
Held my hand as we welcomed Lincoln Fussell into the world..
Stayed up nights so I could sleep extra hours so I could finish high school..
Watched me graduate high school..
Watches my son while I go to nursing school..
Not only taught me what it meant to love Jesus, but lives it..
Took Linc and I to Disney for my 21st birthday..
Serves her family..
Works hard every day so that we can have what we need, AND what we want..
Goes without so the people she loves can have more..
Does the dishes, cleans the house..
Pursues Christ..
Makes me laugh..
Loves her husband..
Loved me through bad decisions..
Helps me out financially because she can..
Is the best gift giver..
Watches Linc when I have a migraine..
Cleans out my car just because..
Gets my oil changed when I'm over 10,000 miles..
And then only kind of lectures me..
Gave me her love of reading, Scrabble, and Christmas..
Taught me how to be a mom..

To The Woman Who..

Prayed for me..
Prayed with me..
Believed in me..
Stood by me.. 
Been my advocate..
Been my biggest fan.. 

I've noticed. 

There are days when you probably think I don't see, but I do. This family would be lost without you. You work so incredibly hard for us, and you always have. You have unconditionally loved me through the hardest moments of my life. You gave me my stubborn spirit that has gotten me through so many days. You gave me the belief that I can do anything I put my mind to. You have encouraged me, empowered me, and pushed me to be my best. 

I wouldn't be half the woman/mom I am today if it weren't for your influence in my life. The blessing of you as my Mom is not lost on me.

So Happy Mother's Day, Momma/Geesh. You deserve to be honored today and every single day for the rest of your life. I love you, crazy lady. You are the greatest mom in the universe. God chose you specifically to be our mom and I'm so grateful He did. 

And just like Linc's book says, "I couldn't find a better Mom if I searched everywhere." 

Friday, May 8, 2015

Five on Friday

Happy Friday! 

Next week is my first week back to school and it's Linc's last week of school before Summer so we're trying to get ready for that. 

But it's Friday, we're (kind-of) celebrating Mother's Day today, and it's show-and-tell day at school, so who isn't excited?! Exactly. 

Let's get to it!


Because Sunday is Mother's Day I feel compelled to share a story that basically explains why my mom rocks.

***If the idea of throwing up makes you sick, you should move on to numero dos***

When I was pregnant (but didn't know it yet) my mom and I were in Walmart when I started feeling sick. I told her I wasn't feeling well and as we're walking down an aisle I get THE LOOK (you know, Moms.. the look your child gets 2.5 seconds before they get sick everywhere) and my rockstar mom runs to the cleaning aisle, grabs a bucket and napkins, and catches my throw up. Now. That story is gross, but she obviously wins the best mom award. 

So here's to my mom and all the others who have taken care of us while we're sick, put up with our bad choices, not killed us when we threw a shoe over the Target dressing room door and hit them in the head (hypothetically), and loved us in spite of the hard days.

Moms rock, and I'm so thankful to have mine. 


I'm really nervous to start class next week. I'm excited about the class, but nervous about the tests. I'm even more nervous about how I'm going to get any studying with Linc home for Summer. Your prayers (and Starbucks gift cards) are obviously appreciated.

I am, however, super excited to see my nursing partner in crime. She basically keeps me sane and I don't know how I'd do nursing school without her. Who knows what kind of shenanigans we'll get into this semester.


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Tony and Tammy were in town for revival last week so Wednesday morning I went over to their condo to catch up for a little bit. Tammy and I got to sit outside on the balcony and listen to the ocean (hence the crazy hair) and just talk about life. These two have loved on me, supported me, and saw my potential long before I ever did. I'm so grateful to be able to call them friends.


Yesterday Lincoln and I headed to the pool for the first time this year because it was absolutely gorgeous outside. 

Anytime I get to hang out with my handsome boy and listen to him laugh is a very happy day.

I'm looking forward to a bunch of pool days this Summer!


Speaking of Summer.. I asked Linc what he wanted to do this Summer. The most important thing in his head? Eat at Zaxby's. I kid you not. 

Another one was jumping in the leaves. Never mind that he never jumps in leaves and we don't have any leaves to jump in. 

What can I say? He's easy to please. 

Sometime soon birthday pics are coming to the blog! McKenzie did an awesome job, despite the fact that Lincoln looks so ticked in this picture.

Have an amazing Friday!