Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spring Break Adventures

Linc's spring break was last week and it was a good one! This was our last opportunity to spend a week together free of nursing homework. Once I start back on the 6th, we won't have a free week until December. 

And because I consider wearing pajamas until noon an adventure, I'll call our Spring Break week an adventure. For seven days we stayed in our pajamas a lot, hung around the house and did some of our favorite things together. 

We hung out with sweet Brilee.

{Pajamas at 11 am. See aforementioned comments on pajamas.}

We dressed up in whatever we could find.

Linc proved that he's going to be the next Picasso..

And also wrote his name with absolutely no help for the first time ever!

We visited my favorite animal..

And my not so favorite animal.

We took a walk in the secret forest

Then we hung out with the princess some more. 

We watched a lot of Netflix and I learned that I could win an award for how quickly I can get through a season of One Tree Hill. 

We visited a new restaurant with Mike Hodges. 

Linc flew a kite for the first time,

And obviously enjoyed it. 

Easter was spent hunting eggs with family, playing Balderdash, and really missing Pearce and McKenzie. 

Best of all we slept really, really good.

It was a really sweet Spring Break, and especially nice to have some extra time with my favorite boy. 

Between my sweet boy's birthday in eight days, the end of the school year, and the start of my next term, we have a lot going on in this house!


  1. So wonderful to see you and your family enjoying your time together. I'm glad everyone had a great spring break week!

  2. Aw Linc and Brilee are so cute. Looks like you guys had some awesome fun together! Family time is the best. xx