Thursday, April 23, 2015

Five {or Six} on Friday

Happy Friday, friends! 

Last night this little one had his second to last baseball game and got the game ball! Needless to say, he was SO excited. 


Five on Friday posts might be my favorite, if only because I get to be completely random. My five six things really make me smile this week so let's get to it. 



All the emotions, y'all. Linc turned four Sunday and he had an awesome birthday and party. I'll be posting about that next week sometime. 

He had his four year check up and it went awesome. He got two shots and "didn't even cry one tear!" He's proud, but what can I say, I am too. 


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Our library was just redone so Linc and I ran by there the other day to grab him some books and me something to read before I head back to school. Recently Morgan posted about books she's read and she highly recommended Liane Moriarty.

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I picked up 'The Husband's Secret' and just finished it last night.


I'm planning on reading some of her other books when I get a free second {read, December}. But really. If you're looking for something good to read, she's a good one!


I start back to school on the 6th! It's back to overpriced coffee and overpriced textbooks. I'm kidding. Kind of.

This Summer I'll take peds and OB and I'm actually pretty excited. I worked for the doctor who delivered Lincoln for two years so I feel like I have a little bit of knowledge {hopefully} and the two classes I'm both interested in. I think it's going to be a good semester, even if it is super busy.

Also, this is my second picture with a book and coffee. My love for coffee and books runs deep, y'all.


God will provide - a story of God's promises.

Speaking of school, my tuition needed to be paid for the Summer term and I was really dreading it. 

In college I've paid all my tuition myself and have never taken out a loan. Since I got into nursing school I've only worked one day a week so I could focus on school. God has consistently provided everything Lincoln and I need, and so many of the things we want. 

Wednesday morning I went to pay my tuition knowing it was going to take a chunk of money I really didn't need to be spending and when I went online to do it, the $1,100 was paid.

Just like that. Paid in full. 

I'm constantly reminded of how God provides for His children when we trust Him. I've watched God take care of Lincoln and I so much over these past four years and I'm so grateful for the grace and the provision that only comes from Him.

Sometimes we think God doesn't care about our little things {like how we're going to pay our college tuition} but He does. He sees, and He knows, and He provides. And I really think if you look back on these past four years of mine and Lincoln's life, you can't miss His presence in our lives.


I take my job as Coco {aunt} very seriously. This week I taught my niece that boys should compliment her and coffee is good for the soul. 

You're welcome, sister. 


So I'm switching things up because I can't leave one thing out.

The other day I went and had coffee with this handsome guy {my dad}. I posted this picture on Facebook and said this,

"This man. When you're little you take your family for granted {and maybe sometimes even when you grow up}. Being his daughter is the best. He has been my protector and my provider. He has called me beautiful when I didn't feel like it, held my hand through a teenage pregnancy, taught me the way a woman should be treated. He has fiercely loved our family. He raised me to love The Lord. And sometimes he even takes me on coffee dates that mean more to me than he'll ever know. Thank you for being Daddy, Papa, a faithful husband, and a man of integrity. I couldn't ask for a better Dad than you."

And it's all true. I wouldn't be who I am without my dad's influence and leadership. Our family is blessed because he's in it.  

So there are my five things for this week! I hope you have an amazing weekend!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Happy 4th Birthday, Lincoln!

Dear Lincoln,

Happy birthday to my favorite person in the whole wide world!

Today we celebrate YOU. Today we celebrate the fun-loving, big-hearted, blue-eyed, Lincoln Fussell. Today is your day, handsome.   

You stole my heart the minute I saw you for the first time four years ago and you've stolen it every day since. When I first looked at all 6 lb 10 oz of you at 4:28 am on April 19, 2011, I thought I'd never be able to love you more than in that moment. Thanks for proving me wrong, son. 

1,461 days ago you made me a mom. And let me tell you, even one day of being your mom is better than all the years without you. I'm so grateful for all the bubble bath fights, wrestling matches, high fives, sword fights, baseball games, school events, road trips, smiles, cuddles, and laughs over these past four years.

I'm even grateful for the back-talk, whines, potty training, and all the hard-headed moments, because they've all made me stronger. Your life has made your Mommy so much stronger. 

Being your mom is the highest honor I could ever have, the best name I could be given, and the greatest joy I've ever experienced. Lincoln Fussell, I love being your mom. Jesus is so good to allow me to be your mom.

This year you've been the ring bearer in Uncle Pearce and Aunt Tenzie's wedding, tried swimming lessons for the first time, started your second year of preschool, became a big cousin, had three ear infections in four months, had your first stomach bug, and started baseball. 

You have the sweetest heart of gold, Linc Fuss. You hate leaving people out, and  always avoid hurting anyone's feelings. The other day you wanted to ride home with Geesh, and in an effort to make sure I wasn't upset or lonely on the car ride home, you told me, "Remember. God is with you." Don't ever lose that, little man. Don't let circumstances and situations make your heart hard. Love hard. Give freely. Your heart is the thing I love most about you.

You love the 'wishing fountain.' When I gave you a penny to make a wish you told me, "I wished for you to be a nurse." 

You are surrounded by people who love you. There's never been a boy more loved than you are.

Papa is your buddy and Geesh would do {and buy} anything for you. Seriously. If you asked for the moon, she'd find a way to give it to you. 

Momo and Uncle Matt love you so much. {When you're older, please ask me to tell you the story of how Momo "knew it!"}

You're the best big cousin and when you're in a room, Brilee can't take her eyes off of you.

We went to visit Uncle Pearce and Aunt Tenzie not long ago and you absolutely loved spending time with them. 

You're also a pretty big fan of Mike Hodges. And he's a pretty big fan of you, too. 

You love wearing costumes and right now you want to be a fireman when you grow up.

Anything ninja turtle and green are your favorites.

You are hilarious. You keep me on my toes and have me laughing constantly. 

The other day I needed you to take off your shorts so I could get you ready for bed. I told you "You work on your pants and I'll go get your pajamas." And you said, "I'll go get the pajamas and you go work on YOUR pants." 

You're quit-witted and sarcastic. You're cute and you know it. 

You started baseball this year and you love it. Sometimes you run after the ball, sometimes you catch rain drops on your tongue, and sometimes you wear your glove on the wrong hand. But I couldn't be more proud of you. Your running has improved so much this season and I'm so proud that you've worked so hard and listened so well.

Curry is your best friend and you two fight like brothers. Watching you two makes my Mommy heart so happy.

So happy birthday, sweet four year old! I'm so excited for you to wake up and open presents and to celebrate with you and all your friends today. I hope your day is as perfect as you've dreamed. You are such an awesome son and I'm so blessed that you're mine! Mommy loves you so much more than mint chocolate chip ice cream!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I Heart MFD {& 15% off ALL day!}

Happy Tuesday, friends!

The excitement is high in this house. My sweet little man turns FOUR on Sunday! Today I'm taking cupcakes to his school and we're going out to eat at Cracker Barrel for a special {early} birthday lunch. {If you want to keep up with our birthday shenanigans follow @carefuss on Instagram!}

Today I wanted to share with you some exciting news!

If you've been following for any length of time you've heard me mention my sister-in-law, McKenzie. 

I've blogged about her proposal and her wedding {in which she had THE CUTEST ring bear. No bias here.}. 

See what I mean?! 


McKenzie is ridiculously creative, has a heart for The Lord and for people, and best of all has been blessed with the most amazing sister-in-law around. {Kidding. Kind of.} She and I are currently working on something that I think both our readers will love so be looking for that in the coming months! 

And yesterday she opened her new shop which you can find HERE!!!!

She carries prints, the cutest paper products, pencils, phone covers, scripture cards, and stamps! She has done a fabulous job and I know you'll love her stuff as much as I do! 

Those are just a few of my favorite things in her shop! So run, not walk, as fast as you can over to her new shop! You'll love her and all her products!

AND because she is so generous, she's giving my blog readers 15% off any purchase in her shop all day today {4/14}. Enter the code 'MOMMAFUSSELL' at checkout. This is only for today though, so make sure you do that by midnight if you want the 15%! 

Speaking of being generous.. She is also giving away a $100 MFD gift card which you can enter for here!

And because I love to throw in a bit of randomness.. McKenzie works for Emily Ley and yesterday she posted a picture of McKenzie that got over 1,100 likes {last time I checked}. I feel like I know someone famous. I mean, she's coming to my son's birthday party. Be jealous.

So hop on over to the shop and go meet my sister-in-law! While you're doing that I'll be hanging out with the cutest {almost} four year old around eating cupcakes and the best biscuits {Thank you, Cracker Barrel} in the world. Have a fabulous day!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spring Break Adventures

Linc's spring break was last week and it was a good one! This was our last opportunity to spend a week together free of nursing homework. Once I start back on the 6th, we won't have a free week until December. 

And because I consider wearing pajamas until noon an adventure, I'll call our Spring Break week an adventure. For seven days we stayed in our pajamas a lot, hung around the house and did some of our favorite things together. 

We hung out with sweet Brilee.

{Pajamas at 11 am. See aforementioned comments on pajamas.}

We dressed up in whatever we could find.

Linc proved that he's going to be the next Picasso..

And also wrote his name with absolutely no help for the first time ever!

We visited my favorite animal..

And my not so favorite animal.

We took a walk in the secret forest

Then we hung out with the princess some more. 

We watched a lot of Netflix and I learned that I could win an award for how quickly I can get through a season of One Tree Hill. 

We visited a new restaurant with Mike Hodges. 

Linc flew a kite for the first time,

And obviously enjoyed it. 

Easter was spent hunting eggs with family, playing Balderdash, and really missing Pearce and McKenzie. 

Best of all we slept really, really good.

It was a really sweet Spring Break, and especially nice to have some extra time with my favorite boy. 

Between my sweet boy's birthday in eight days, the end of the school year, and the start of my next term, we have a lot going on in this house!