Monday, January 19, 2015

Proud Mommy Moment

Happy Monday, friends. Today we both have the day off from school so we're hanging out in our pajamas because it's rare that we don't have somewhere to be. 

Before I write anything, please understand my heart here. I write this blog for two reasons - to document Lincoln's life and to make much of Jesus. {Post to come about that later.} I don't write on here to try to make anyone {or their children} feel inferior.

Please understand I write these things because I want to look back and see what Lincoln was doing at this time or memories we made. I want to remember the moments I might otherwise forget.

So onto my proud Mommy moment.

The other day I got home from clinicals {post to come on that, too} and Linc man wanted to play with chalk outside.

So as he starts writing I look down and I see this and hear him say something like "I write a circle and then a line}!

He's written a P!!!!!

What?!?! You can write a P?! 

Linc's school has a writing ciriculum they do, but I'm still shocked by all the letters he can write. And so proud of him for them!

 I said, "Look how great that L is!" And he smiled like this. My boy definitely thrives on encouragement.

So altogether, I've seen him write an L, N, K, F, P, and T!

I'm just so proud of how great he's been doing in school! 

Have a wonderful day, friends!


  1. What a cutie pie! I love that you were able to capture this moment for him! I remember it like yesterday the first time I was able to tie my shoe or write my name!