Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My Intentions for Momma Fussell

As I was reflecting on 2014, and praying about 2015, this little space of mine came to my heart. I started this blog in prayer, asking God what He wanted to do with it, and so that's what I went back to.

As I prayed for direction for this blog this year I've decided upon two big aspects that I always want to focus on here.


I want to document mine and Lincoln's lives. 

I only have one life, and so does Lincoln. He will only have one third birthday, one first day of kindergarten, one first bike ride, and I want to remember every second. I know that's impossible, but I want to document as much of his life as I can so that I can remember as much as possible. That's so important to me.

I want to remember nursing school {maybe}, remember my feelings on the day I graduate, remember those nights that Jesus held me close when I was broken.

I want to remember the moments in our lives. I really do.


I want to make much of Jesus.

I want Jesus to be glorified in this space, not myself. I want people to read my words, knowing that I'm flawed and have weak moments just like them, but that God is so much bigger than my imperfections. 

I don't want this to be a place where people come and think, 'I couldn't ever be like her.' I want people to read this and know that we're all sinners but we can all be righteous through Christ. 

I want people to understand that God overcomes all. That He is so much bigger than your circumstance, your weaknessess, your issues. He's God, and He can do anything. I want my blog {and my life} to reflect that.

It's so easy as a blogger to want more followers, and before the new year my mindset had changed to wanting tons of people to read my blog, lots of people to give me praise about how great it was, but that's not where God has called me. He's asked me to write what He lays on my heart, and if His purpose is that only one person reads my words and hears from Him, then I'm good with that. I want Him to write these words and Him to speak through this little space. 

I want to unapologetically pursue Jesus, and write about it on the way.

Most of all, I want Jesus to be glorified, because He has done it all. 

So that's the direction I want this blog to go in 2015. I'm excited what God wants to do in our lives this year and on this tiny piece of the internet. No matter what happens, He is good.


  1. Love it, girl!!! Thanks for the so important reminder that we go through each season only once and how important it is to document it! I want to do that more!

  2. Ahhhh same here! I've been feeling pretty stuck about my blog so I think I just need to go pray about it allll! Its really easy to just think, "oh it's just a little blog barely anyone reads it" so you can write about anything, but really everything we do needs to glorify God and hopefully lead others to Him! :D

  3. This is so good. The pursuit of Christ is always the best thing. And I love that reminds to document those moments because we only get them once.

  4. I've been praying about where I want to take my blog & I've felt the same way! It's easy to get caught up in wanting to build your blog, and your following, and getting people's comments and approval.

    But in the end, none of that matters. It should be about Him, and what He is doing through us.

  5. From the moment I first "met" you, you have breathed Jesus into everything you do! You are an incredible woman of God, a phenomenal momma to Linc & a God send soon-to-be-nurse. I'm blessed to know you & excited to watch God continue to use you & be glorified! Love you!