Saturday, December 13, 2014

That Time I Spent my 22nd Birthday in the ER

My birthday was Wednesday and it was supposed to be pretty low-key. Linc had school in the morning, and then we had church at night. And it was a really good birthday until about 4:00. But then it turned into the worst birthday ever.

{I'm going to do a blog of the day up until then, because before four it really was a pretty good day.}

Linc went to school all morning, played at the playground after school, we went to lunch with my family, and then had cake at home with everyone. He was so happy and excited and having a great time.

Seriously. This is what he looked like. There was nothing wrong with him at all.

And then about ten minutes later he was running a 102 fever and looked like he was going to pass out in my dad's arms.

Lincoln doesn't sleep anywhere but his bed. Even when he was younger, he was never the child who fell asleep watching a movie, or fell asleep in anyone else's bed. So for him to look like that was a bad sign.

{On another note, he bought me party hats. SO sweet.}

My sister, Matt, and Brilee left and I held Lincoln while he fell asleep. I finally got him into my bed but he woke up so we watched some TV. 

And then the throw up happened. I'll spare you the details because not all of you have stomachs that can handle that. But it was a lot, and Lincoln looked BAD.

I got him into the bath and he whimpered the whole time and couldn't hold himself up. When he got out and got dressed he sat with my Dad on the couch. 

I completely understand kids look bad when they're sick, and I always thought when Lincoln threw up for the first time {he's never thrown up in his life}, I would just take care of him until he got better. But he looked SO bad. He wasn't moving, his eyes weren't looking at anything, and he started to complain of his head and back hurting {symptoms of meningitis}. 

I figured it would be better to take him and them tell me it was a virus, so that's how we ended up celebrating the last hours of my birthday in an ER. 

We got to the ER at 5:25. 

Employee: What's he here for?
Me: He's really sick.

Well, duh, captain obvious. I was frazzled. I just wanted to hold my baby. Note to self: list symptoms next time {Please, Lord, don't let there be a next time}.

This is my mom holding the cracker that poor Linc wouldn't part with to save his life. I took it from him when he fell asleep while we were waiting. We joked that it was her job to take care of the cracker.

Break my mommy heart.

In the ER he got sick three more times and looked pale as a sheet. He did so great for the doctor and once the doctor examined him he ruled out meningitis {Thank The Lord!}. So just a virus.

I just love this boy. My heart is just consumed with him.

The nurse came and gave him Zofran and let me just tell you. It's a miracle working drug. One minute Lincoln was laying in my lap looking like death and the next he was jumping up and down and trying to chug Gatorade.

Look at that! Completely fine and crazy as usual! Seriously. For the rest of the night he was bouncing off the walls and talking my ear off in entirely too high of a decibel. 

Finally we left the hospital around 9:45, headed to Walmart to get him a bribe gift for being so good at the hospital, and then headed to CVS to drop off his Zofran prescription {because you best believe I will be keeping that miraculous drug on hand}. 

I had to run back to CVS to pick up his medicine around 11, and by 11:20 we were finally laying down in my bed and he passed out in about five minutes.

He has been just fine ever since then. It was almost like this nightmare of seven hours and then over. He's really looking forward to going back to school on Monday.

It was the worst birthday I've ever had, not because I couldn't do something I wanted, but because I had to watch my child go through something like that. It was the biggest medical thing he's gone through {Thank You, Jesus!} and I just couldn't help but be in tears that night as I thanked God for protecting his little body.

Thank you to everyone who prayed for him {and me}. God really did take away his sickness so fast and I'm so grateful that we serve a God who is so much bigger than our illnesses.

My boy is happy and healthy, and my heart is full.

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