Tuesday, December 2, 2014


I had planned on sharing all about the Christmas tree lighting we went to last week, but I have a couple random things about the blog to let y'all know about so for today you're getting a wonderful PSA.

Probably boring stuff, but important. 

You're welcome.


My blog has moved!

Yesterday I got quite a few texts asking why their link wasn't letting them get to my blog. 

Before you could find my blog at lincsmomma.blogspot.com but I've changed it now to make it easier for people. Now you can find me at:


I think I have all the links on social media changed and I'm sorry for the confusion yesterday.


I finally made an email just for blog related things. 

I'm really bad at getting something at my regular email and saying I'll look at it later and then floods of Bath and Body Works/Loft/Kirkland's emails come in and I forget to go back and look. 

So if you need to email me here it is in all its email glory:



I love getting comments from readers, really, I do. And I love replying back. But I've had quite a few comments lately from no reply bloggers. If you're a no reply blogger that means you won't get my {or any other bloggers} responses. 

Go HERE to fix that. {Don't worry. It's so easy that even I could do it.}

{A big thank you to Courtney for pointing this out to me back when I just figured no one ever replies to their comments. I'm a genius. I know.}

And just because he's cute and it wouldn't be a blog post without my favorite guy..

I hope you have a fabulous Tuesday!

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  1. Congrats on the URL move and creating a blog-specific email. These were two helpful moves for me in my blogging career awhile back!