Monday, December 8, 2014

How to Wait in a Hospital

For Brilee's birth we were all in the hospital from 8 pm - 6 am the next morning. That is ten hours folks. TEN. 

With a three year old who almost never misses bedtime at 8. Exactly. 

Needless to say, we had to get creative while we were waiting, and if you need some {comical} tips.. here they are.

This was actually at home and probably isn't the best tip. We ended up being so excited we left to go to Starbucks {for caffeine and a cake pop, duh} with the tree half lit and ornaments/pine needles/broken lights thrown all over the room. Disaster. Don't do this.

You can hold a really cute baby. Should probably tell the mom before you take her, though.

{I really had the urge to post this on Facebook and say "Brilee's here!!!!!" I know. I'm terrible.}

You can hang out with the doctor's kids + yours. This really helps your child to keep from going nuts sitting still. 

Extra points if you go for a walk around the hospital and they're all as loud as possible. You'll have everyone laughing. 

Watch movies.

Then you can go into the room with all the madness and hang out with your Uncle Matt. {Kuddos to Linc for taking everyone's mind off waiting by trying to pull wires and oxygen masks and needles out of Momo's arm.} 

You can have sister time. Precious, right?
{Here's to hoping my sister is so preoccupied with baby Brilee that she doesn't read this post and see this picture.}

How many people does it take to change a light bulb open a fold out chair? Apparently four.. and we still didn't figure it out.

You can bring in a professional masseuse {or just your brother} for foot massages. 

And you can always sit on the floor. 

And then there's always sleep.. which we may have perfected in our ten hours there. And by we I mean Papa and Lincoln {and also Matt's brother, Tyler, who slept under chairs in the waiting room. I'm kicking myself for not getting a picture}.

Wardrobe changes after your nap are always acceptable, too.

And then there's the moment you get to hold her for the first time and it makes all the waiting and lack of sleep worth it. Because she's beautiful and perfect and can do no wrong. {Is it obvious that I'm the aunt Coco?}

So there are my tips for staying sane in the hospital while you wait for your niece.. should you ever find yourself in that predicament, and I hope you do, because it will be one of the sweetest days of your life. 

Happy Monday, my friends!


  1. I just think it is amazing how committed your family is. Kuddos for staying the whole time-what a great support team for your sister.