Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Cheer Swap 2014

Happy Wednesday, friends! Today is my 22nd birthday and despite what Taylor says, I'm not feeling 22. Probably because I've had another human to take care of since I was 17. #feeling35 

But I love that sweet little boy and his good morning, birthday hugs make my birthday. Every. Single. Time. I wouldn't trade him for anything, including a normal 22 year old life. 

Last night we went for a walk to look at Christmas lights and I got to hear him just talk for about 30 minutes and then he slept in my bed. I wouldn't have wanted to spend my last night of 21 any other way.

When I saw that Rachel was having a Christmas Swap, I was so excited. I love Christmas, it wasn't going to cost me a fortune, and it was giving to someone else.

I didn't know who would be sending me my package and I wondered if I would know her or not. When the package came and I saw Rachel's name I was BEYOND excited. If you follow Rachel at all, you know she randomly sends out color-coordinated packages {like this mint and pink one} and they're so cute. 

So before I even opened the box I knew she would have done a fantastic job! And she didn't disappoint. Here's what was in my box!

First off, she sent the sweetest note that included Lincoln which really blessed my heart. It also had scripture on it that reminded me of why we have Christmas at all. So sweet! {And she has rocking awesome handwriting that I'm completely jealous of.}

She included the cutest little holly decorations. They were scattered all over the box and made it that much more festive.


As soon as it arrived Lincoln was going trough it telling me what each thing was and how we could use it. He was so excited for all the baking.

The sprinkles were definitely Linc's favorite part of the package. They will be perfect for our birthday cake that we'll bake Jesus in a few weeks!

I don't think Rachel knows this, but peppermint anything is my favorite. So peppermint hot chocolate?? PERFECTION. {Also Linc does drink hot chocolate, so I can keep these all to myself.} And those straws. I'm dying.

This boy obviously loves the straws, too.

How cute are these plates and napkins? Cinnamon and I are doing a Grinch/Christmas themed night {like we did for Thanksgiving, but on a much larger scale} and these will be perfect for it!

And last, but definitely not least {because holy cuteness}, these trees! I already had the print/frame above my bed, but that's all the decoration I had up there. So these trees are the perfect addition to make it seem a little more Christmasy!

I seriously love every single thing she put in the box. Everything was so thoughtful and cute. This whole swap makes me want to do this again next year, maybe even for someone who doesn't blog. 

Thank you SO much Rachel, for all the effort and thought you put into my Christmas box. It really is making everything around here so much more festive and I love it all!


  1. So cute & festive. Aren't holiday gift swaps the best?

  2. So fun!! I Love the holly decorations! Gift exchanges are so fun right!?