Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tis the Season for Pictures

A couple weeks ago Lincoln and I had some pictures done for our Christmas card and also because we don't have any recent pictures of the two of us that weren't taken by an iphone. 

I posted this on my Instagram right before pictures and I don't know that I've ever been more proud of myself for putting together a cute outfit and then cutely {let's pretend that's a word} arranging it for a picture. Can I get an amen from someone who knew my fashion-less {pretend that's one, too} self back in high school. 


We took these at a park near our house because it allowed Lincoln to the freedom to run around and then to play after he was done. It was perfect and I was really pleased with how the pictures turned out. 

I really could've shortened this and not posted so many pictures and blah blah blah but I couldn't choose so you're stuck with pretty much all of them. 


All pictures are taken by Jensen Bell Photography

That last picture? I told you Lincoln got to play afterwards. These were probably his favorite pictures ever because we took them at a park. I'll definitely remember it for next time. 

Also, I want to use one of the pictures of just me for the blog so weigh in on what your favorite is! {Anyone else hate taking pictures of just them? Pictures seem so awkward without little man in them.}

I worked on our Christmas cards yesterday and they are on their way to our house! Yay for Christmas and cold weather and pretty pictures!

Happy Wednesday, friends!


  1. LOVE these pictures!! I really like the last one by yourself the best!! :)

  2. So so SOOO cute! Lincoln is looking like such a big boy and I love his cheesy grin! :) I have that same scarf, isn't it the best?!

  3. You two are seriously precious, LOVE these!!! They are adorable <3

  4. Ok three things! 1-Your outfit is awesome! I love the color combination. 2-Your son is adorable. 3-These pictures turned out beautiful! I love the pictures with the moss hanging off of the trees. The third picture up from the bottom would make a great blog picture!

  5. Oh my gosh!! Gorgeous!! Perfect outfit and that sweet baby boy of yours is the cutest ever!