Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The {Second} Best Month of the Year

Welcome, November {six days late}! 

I've been waiting for you for 11 months now and now you're finally here!

November is my second favorite month, right behind December. November holds all my Christmas shopping, present wrapping, Thanksgiving loving, and Christmas tree chopping down adventures. These two months just make me insanely crazy happy.

I have bought all but about four presents for Lincoln and wrapped them, so that's beyond exciting. I have absolutely no desire to shop with the rest of America in December when stores are nuts.

Tuesday I spent my morning while Linc was at school price checking toys, wrapping presents I had already gotten, listening to music, and drinking Christmas coffee. It was glorious.

As an aside, if you haven't had 'Santa's Best Coffee' by Barnie's, you should hurry yourself to Publix {or to Amazon} right now and buy some. {Also use peppermint mocha creamer if you want it to be extra Christmasy.} You can thank me later.

And you know that niece of mine who is due December 16? Yeah, apparently she's as impatient as the rest of the women in our family because she's on her way. As in, my sister is 2 cm and on bed rest. I can't fault EA {escape artist, her new name} because if I was waiting in my mom's belly and I knew I had an aunt as cool as me waiting, I'd try to come out early, too.

But really. We'd really appreciate the prayers for her and my sister. The test they did says she's coming in the next two weeks, so we're just praying for her to be as healthy as possible. 

Now that it's November I can FINALLY wear my Christmas shirt that I bought a few months ago. 

Please tell me this shirt makes someone else as happy as it does me. 

Lincoln's class is getting ready for their Thanksgiving program and I'm so excited. We've been singing "Thanksgiving day is a happy day and we say thank You God.." over and over and over. He's beyond excited about Brilee and all the holidays coming up, too!

I can already tell November is going to be full of adventures and joy. It's my favorite time of the year! 

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  1. I can hardly believe November is here!!! So jealous that you've already started shopping - I'm so bad at that. Last year I was actually still buying presents on Christmas Eve! Prayers for your sister and the baby!