Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Let's Jump Back to Halloween

We interrupt your regular scheduling of turkey and thanks and early Christmas decorating to bring you ... Halloween? Sorry folks, it's true.

Now that everyone is super pumped for Thanksgiving tomorrow and people have decorated for Christmas I'm going to throw some Halloween love your way.

I know I'll look back at Halloween and want to remember my sweet little Optimus Prime so I'm just going to share our Halloween super late. 

To be completely honest, Halloween isn't really my thing. {I know, I know.. Sue me.} I'm always just ready for November, but since I have Lincoln I do try to make it exciting and fun for him.

{Linc is on the bottom left, looking no where near the camera.}

Friday morning was Lincoln's fall party at school where he got to dress up. There was no shortage of Frozen characters, ninja turtles, and Optimus Primes. 

Then we went to Chik-Fil-A because they were giving free kids meal with an adult meal if a child was in costume. SCORE. Single moms love free meals. Heck. I think everyone loves a free meal. 

We headed to Publix for something and he wanted to go in his costume and I let him, because pick your battles. 

Later we headed to my sister's to go trick-or-treating in her neighborhood. We had planned on walking around with her and her husband, but she was on bed rest so instead we went and visited with them for a little bit and then headed out with my parents. 

Lincoln LOVED it. It was the first year where he really got into it so that was pretty awesome. 

After it got dark and he had entirely too much candy we headed back. 

I'm not gonna lie, his candy lasted for almost a month which I think is pretty impressive considering he {and I!} wanted to eat it all that night.

It was a really fun {and full} day and I'm so glad he had so much fun. I'm thinking their neighborhood may be a new tradition!

So now that I've actually blogged about that ridiculously late, I'll be back next week with Lincoln's Thanksgiving program, hospital shenanigans/birth of Brilee, and our Thanksgiving! 

Brilee is still at the hospital and we're praying really hard that she'll get to come home today, and specifically this morning.

I hope everyone has a fabulous day tomorrow! 

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