Friday, November 21, 2014

Five on Friday

I've been absent from the five on Friday party for quite a while but today I'm back! 


All my shopping for Lincoln is done! 

I have one thing on its way to the house but everything else is bought and wrapped. All the Santa presents are put together and hidden where Lincoln can't find them, and the stocking presents are hidden in my closet. 

We'll be writing a letter to Santa soon, but I'm pretty sure she got the memo that Lincoln wants everything ninja turtles. 

{See picture above. That was our second day wearing the shirt. Pick your battles.}


Miss priss {my niece} still isn't here. 

I wrote a while back that my sister was on bed rest. She's now 36 weeks and has been taken off bed rest and is back at work.

We're very thankful that she waited to come and that now she'll be able to go home once she's born instead of having to stay in the NICU. 

Please continue praying for a smooth labor and delivery and for the health of sweet Brilee. 

Not to mention, Linc man is beyond excited about meeting his cousin.

Me: "Are you going to feed her?" {talking about Brilee}
Linc: "Yes. Um. But maybe not dog food."

Well that's good to know.


If you missed our Christmas pictures you can see those here

I love pictures that capture our personalities and I think these did just that!


My child never fails to make me laugh. Ever.

"Thank You God for Optimus prime and bumble bee and Mommy and me and Mickey Mouse and gingerbread man. Amen."

Because it's November. And we've been working on being thankful.

Me: "Lincoln, when did you get so big?"
L: "Well I'm 25 now."

Well that explains things.


I'm going to combine two things for this one because they're both too great not to share.

Yesterday was Lincoln's Thanksgiving program at school. He was a pilgrim. The cutest pilgrim I've ever seen. He wore his pilgrim outfit all day long, and some this morning. 

And then. My red coat {insert heart eyes emoji}. My mom took me shopping for my birthday coming up because I'm probably the worst person to shop for clothes for and I picked out that coat. It's something I probably. 

Lincoln hasn't taken off his pilgrim outfit and ironically I haven't taken off my coat. What can I say? We wear what we love.. Over and over and over.

My brother and his wife will be here this weekend and for a whole week so we're beyond excited to get to spend a lot of time with them. What do you have planned this weekend?

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  1. Well now I can't wait to hear all about Miss Brilee's arrival! So happy for your family!