Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I have so much to be thankful for, but what I'm most thankful for are these two precious children. 

I'm overwhelmed by the goodness of God today.

I wasn't supposed to have a child at 18, but God blessed me even in my disobedience. Doctors said Brilee may never even be conceived, and now this Thanksgiving I get to spend holding her in my arms.

I'm so beyond grateful to be Lincoln's mom and Brilee's Coco {aunt}. These two bring me such joy every single day and I'm so thankful I get to be in their lives.

With all the things I have to be thankful for today, I have to remember Who gave me everything I have. He is the greatest giver and He is the best gift above all. 

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. {James 1:17}

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Let's Jump Back to Halloween

We interrupt your regular scheduling of turkey and thanks and early Christmas decorating to bring you ... Halloween? Sorry folks, it's true.

Now that everyone is super pumped for Thanksgiving tomorrow and people have decorated for Christmas I'm going to throw some Halloween love your way.

I know I'll look back at Halloween and want to remember my sweet little Optimus Prime so I'm just going to share our Halloween super late. 

To be completely honest, Halloween isn't really my thing. {I know, I know.. Sue me.} I'm always just ready for November, but since I have Lincoln I do try to make it exciting and fun for him.

{Linc is on the bottom left, looking no where near the camera.}

Friday morning was Lincoln's fall party at school where he got to dress up. There was no shortage of Frozen characters, ninja turtles, and Optimus Primes. 

Then we went to Chik-Fil-A because they were giving free kids meal with an adult meal if a child was in costume. SCORE. Single moms love free meals. Heck. I think everyone loves a free meal. 

We headed to Publix for something and he wanted to go in his costume and I let him, because pick your battles. 

Later we headed to my sister's to go trick-or-treating in her neighborhood. We had planned on walking around with her and her husband, but she was on bed rest so instead we went and visited with them for a little bit and then headed out with my parents. 

Lincoln LOVED it. It was the first year where he really got into it so that was pretty awesome. 

After it got dark and he had entirely too much candy we headed back. 

I'm not gonna lie, his candy lasted for almost a month which I think is pretty impressive considering he {and I!} wanted to eat it all that night.

It was a really fun {and full} day and I'm so glad he had so much fun. I'm thinking their neighborhood may be a new tradition!

So now that I've actually blogged about that ridiculously late, I'll be back next week with Lincoln's Thanksgiving program, hospital shenanigans/birth of Brilee, and our Thanksgiving! 

Brilee is still at the hospital and we're praying really hard that she'll get to come home today, and specifically this morning.

I hope everyone has a fabulous day tomorrow! 

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Brilee Noel is Here!

My sweet niece arrived November 23rd, at 3:32 am {I'm pretty sure that's correct}, at 5 pounds 14 ounces and is absolutely the most precious baby girl I have ever seen!

{To see more pictures go follow my Instagram: @carefuss} 

We were at the hospital from around eight Saturday night to six the next morning. Lincoln stayed with me at the hospital all night and was such a trooper.

And then this happened. 

The whole room was about in tears.

He adores this little girl.

Not a minute after we left Lincoln said, "She misser her cousin."

And I think her cousin misses her, too. 

I'll do a more detailed post later, but that's all for now. 

My heart is so full. 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Five on Friday

I've been absent from the five on Friday party for quite a while but today I'm back! 


All my shopping for Lincoln is done! 

I have one thing on its way to the house but everything else is bought and wrapped. All the Santa presents are put together and hidden where Lincoln can't find them, and the stocking presents are hidden in my closet. 

We'll be writing a letter to Santa soon, but I'm pretty sure she got the memo that Lincoln wants everything ninja turtles. 

{See picture above. That was our second day wearing the shirt. Pick your battles.}


Miss priss {my niece} still isn't here. 

I wrote a while back that my sister was on bed rest. She's now 36 weeks and has been taken off bed rest and is back at work.

We're very thankful that she waited to come and that now she'll be able to go home once she's born instead of having to stay in the NICU. 

Please continue praying for a smooth labor and delivery and for the health of sweet Brilee. 

Not to mention, Linc man is beyond excited about meeting his cousin.

Me: "Are you going to feed her?" {talking about Brilee}
Linc: "Yes. Um. But maybe not dog food."

Well that's good to know.


If you missed our Christmas pictures you can see those here

I love pictures that capture our personalities and I think these did just that!


My child never fails to make me laugh. Ever.

"Thank You God for Optimus prime and bumble bee and Mommy and me and Mickey Mouse and gingerbread man. Amen."

Because it's November. And we've been working on being thankful.

Me: "Lincoln, when did you get so big?"
L: "Well I'm 25 now."

Well that explains things.


I'm going to combine two things for this one because they're both too great not to share.

Yesterday was Lincoln's Thanksgiving program at school. He was a pilgrim. The cutest pilgrim I've ever seen. He wore his pilgrim outfit all day long, and some this morning. 

And then. My red coat {insert heart eyes emoji}. My mom took me shopping for my birthday coming up because I'm probably the worst person to shop for clothes for and I picked out that coat. It's something I probably. 

Lincoln hasn't taken off his pilgrim outfit and ironically I haven't taken off my coat. What can I say? We wear what we love.. Over and over and over.

My brother and his wife will be here this weekend and for a whole week so we're beyond excited to get to spend a lot of time with them. What do you have planned this weekend?

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tis the Season for Pictures

A couple weeks ago Lincoln and I had some pictures done for our Christmas card and also because we don't have any recent pictures of the two of us that weren't taken by an iphone. 

I posted this on my Instagram right before pictures and I don't know that I've ever been more proud of myself for putting together a cute outfit and then cutely {let's pretend that's a word} arranging it for a picture. Can I get an amen from someone who knew my fashion-less {pretend that's one, too} self back in high school. 


We took these at a park near our house because it allowed Lincoln to the freedom to run around and then to play after he was done. It was perfect and I was really pleased with how the pictures turned out. 

I really could've shortened this and not posted so many pictures and blah blah blah but I couldn't choose so you're stuck with pretty much all of them. 


All pictures are taken by Jensen Bell Photography

That last picture? I told you Lincoln got to play afterwards. These were probably his favorite pictures ever because we took them at a park. I'll definitely remember it for next time. 

Also, I want to use one of the pictures of just me for the blog so weigh in on what your favorite is! {Anyone else hate taking pictures of just them? Pictures seem so awkward without little man in them.}

I worked on our Christmas cards yesterday and they are on their way to our house! Yay for Christmas and cold weather and pretty pictures!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Visit with Santa + Mr. Ninja Turtle

Yesterday my parents and I took Lincoln to the mall to see Santa. Last year didn't go so well {you can read about that here} so I was really hoping this year would.

The Fussell love of Christmas has not been lost on my three year old. He's been asking when it's Christmas time for months now and we're finally getting to celebrate!

Going to see Santa in short sleeves because Florida doesn't understand seasons.

We left to go pick up my mom so obviously Lincoln needed Papa to sit in the back with him. 

I know it's blurry but look at that sweet face when he saw Santa.

Now get this friends. You know when your child really wants something and that's all they ever talk, think, breathe, eat, sleep about?? Well for Lincoln, that thing is a "green jeep." As in.. a real car he can drive. It's all he's been talking about and all he's been telling me he's going to be asking Santa for {and there may or may not be one currently being shipped to our house}. 

So when Santa asked what Linc wanted, I just knew he'd say a green jeep. But no. That boy, in all his nervousness, says a castle with bad guys and ninja turtles.

Um. What??

For the record, I quickly reminded him of what he really wants and didn't just make up on the spot.

Obviously seeing Santa went fantastic. I was so proud of him and so thankful there were no tears this year. 

And just for "aw's," look how sweet he was on his first Christmas.

{And the my-feet-are-too-fat-to-wear-shoes stage. Yikes.}

Then we were walking to leave when the little boy who may or may not have my parents wrapped around his fingers, sees Build-A-Bear and says, "Pets!!" {Because apparently the store has been renamed}, and asks if we can go make a pet. My mom {being the good Geesh that she is} said yes.

Just strangling the Ninja Turtle.

When we went to name him he got rather upset when I mentioned that his real name is Raphael. Oops. Apparently Mr. Ninja Turtle is a better name. {And so creative.}

"Hey Linc, let me get a picture with your ninja turtle."
"With mean faces!!"


Some serious loving going on in the backseat.

We had to run an errand later and when we went to get in the car Lincoln said, "Mommy, let's take a picture with Mr. Ninja Turtle!" 

So we did.

It's a pretty great day as a three year old when you get to see Santa and make a ninja turtle at "Pets." It's really starting to feel like {almost} Christmas!