Friday, October 17, 2014

When Hearts are Heavy

Some days are just heavy. Some weeks are just heavy. That's exactly how this week has been. Some of my friends this week have gotten bad news, school's all out of whack, and last night I was just weighed down. My day had been good and full of joy and laughter, but when the silence of the night came, my heart and soul just felt heavy.

When Lincoln fell asleep I grabbed everything I needed for some quiet time with Jesus and just got really still. 

A lot of times when there's a lot on my heart the first thing I do is run to someone. It's almost as if I think I'll feel better if I can audibly hear someone speak to me. 

But this is the beautiful thing about God. His presence lifts weights off of our shoulders. His spirit living inside of us calms us down.

As I read some verses and then just wrote out everything I was thinking and feeling, I felt immensely better. The problems were still there, my friends still have broken hearts {and my heart is still breaking for them}, and there are still things I have to deal with, but when God is holding your problems they tend to be a whole lot lighter.

I'm only human, so the weight of my problems is magnified when I try to carry them. But in the arms of Jesus, they are carried effortlessly.

Because He is God, He is capable of carrying my burdens. He proved that He can carry the weight of the world when He carried the weight of the all sins of mankind. He is God, so there is nothing too hard for Him.

Sometimes we don't need our problems solved right then and there. We just need to know and trust that God is carrying them. 

I don't know what is on your heart and mind, but I do know the God who moves mountains. You can trust that He is capable of carrying your burdens. Let's trust today that God knows our hearts and carries our burdens daily. Because His love is vast, He delights in holding us in our weakness. 

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