Sunday, September 7, 2014

Linc's First Day of School

Happy Monday, friends! Today I'm FINALLY blogging about Linc's first day of school! 

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Last year when Lincoln started school, I was a mess. I probably cried five times before the week even got there. This year, I had nothing ready till Sunday night and I didn't even cry once. I was shocked.

Lincoln doesn't play with kids much except at school, so I think we were both really excited for him to be around children again. 

Last year he went two days a week and now he goes five. As much as I miss him in the mornings, I know how much he loves it and that makes me happy. 

Monday morning we woke up and ran around like crazy people. I don't usually get a shower in the mornings but I did that day and I made first day of school chocolate chip muffins. I'm not a chef period, but throw in the fact that me and mornings just don't mesh well, and I just don't know how people get that much done before nine {with good attitudes, at that}.

Once we were both ready, I asked him to head outside for pictures. I kid you not when I say all of these pictures were done within five minutes. 

I told him to go outside and he marches straight to the spot we take pictures and starts cheesing. Either he's super obedient or I take entirely too many pictures.

Once we walked into his classroom he saw a bin of cars and then he forgot all about me. He told me, "Okay, you can go now." Please, son, try to pretend you love me.

It was a short day so after he played for a while and I went to a little orientation I went to pick him up where he promptly told me, "It's not time to go!"

Needless to say, he loves school. It's been a few weeks and he still loves it like crazy. I've known his teachers for years and they're both great. I've actually babysat, quite a few times, one of his teacher's children. It's always nice knowing the teachers and knowing how much they care for kids.

So school is going great and I'm loving all my things he comes home with that he's made. I'm so proud of my sweet son and so excited to see all the things God does in and through him this year!


  1. Class of 2029. Break my heart!!

    That picture of you two is amazing!

  2. So so precious! Glad to hear it's going good :)

  3. Dying over him in that giant shirt... so cute and hard to believe he'll be big enough to fill it out one day!