Thursday, September 11, 2014

Legoland {Part Two}

I am finally getting around to posting part two of our trip to Legoland. {If you didn't see part one, it's up here!}

And while being at the actual Legoland park was fun, part two may have been even better. 

After we left Legoland, we drove an hour to Tampa to the hotel and to meet up with my brother and his wife for dinner.

When we got to the hotel, little man was like this. 

Then I had a really cute idea to get a picture of us walking with our suitcases. #fail

My parents had one room and Lincoln and I had one and let me just tell you. My child thought he had died and gone to heaven. Seriously. He asked for a good month if we could go stay at the hotel again.

But then again. I'd like to just go stay too. I don't have to make the beds or clean anything. It is heaven.

And before we get too far. I sincerely apologize for whoever happened to be staying on the floor beneath us. There was not in fact a heard of elephants above you, just me and my three year old playing hotshop {I'll explain that later}, tag, having pillow fights, and jumping on the bed.

After we misbehaved for a little while, we headed out to meet my brother and his wife for dinner. Yay!

After dinner it was late, so we headed back to the hotel to play with Lincoln's new legos and head to sleep. 

I was shocked at how much energy Lincoln still had. When we headed to bed he could not settle down. We stayed up laughing for a good hour. Isn't that what vacation is for? 

Despite how late we fell asleep, this crazy boy was up before seven. 

We headed downstairs since we were already awake and Lincoln was PUMPED about making a waffle. This boy appreciates the little things. 

After breakfast we headed upstairs to play and wait for Uncle Pearce and Mrs. Tenzie {McKenzie} to get to the hotel so we could go to IKEA.

Enter "hotshop." This is apparently hopskotch, but all you do is jump up and down. And apparently there are different versions. We played hotshop nine quite a bit. I still haven't figured out what's different about it, but there's something.

And then we took silly pictures.

Then my parents walked over and came to hang out and wait with us. 

Papa read a lot of books while we waited.

And then they arrived! And my sweet boy was the happiest!

I left my phone in the car at IKEA but it wasn't very eventful other than the four times we went to the potty. Mom life, I tell you.

After IKEA we headed back to their apartment to tell them bye. It's always sad to tell them bye, but that day was worse. Lincoln started bawling. Poor buddy.

We were rocking the stripes that day.

Good news is they come into town the 19th! Linc and I are both so very excited! {We're also having an essential oils meeting at our house the 20th, so if you live in the area, we'd love to have you!}

We spent our drive home playing planes. And by we, I mean Lincoln. I was sleeping. It's a talent of mine.

So there is part two of our trip! I'm so thankful we got to get away for a few days with some family. Have an amazing Thursday!


  1. Loving these pictures! You can just tell how much fun you two have through them. So sweet!!

  2. I love all the Mommy & Linc photos!! So nice to getaway sometimes!