Saturday, September 27, 2014

Unfailing Love

The other day I picked Lincoln up from school, planning on running by Publix to pick up some pumpkin spice cinnamon rolls to try for breakfast the next morning. {They're amazing, by the way. Run, don't walk, to get some.} As we pulled into the parking lot, Lincoln asked if he could have a toy and I said no. 

Enter extreme screaming and sobbing about not getting a toy. We've been having discipline issues lately and this was the last straw so I didn't even park and told him we were going home. Enter even more screaming. To make a long story short, he ended up screaming and crying for 30 minutes.


Linc has never done this. Ever. The longest he's ever cried was due to the fact that he was a newborn. I've rarely ever had to discpline him so this is new territory.

When we got home I sent him to time out and literally sat across from him and immediately grabbed my Bible and flipped to the back and read every single verse on grace I could find. I literally couldn't even begin to fathom how I was going to handle it. I was spent.

When I called Lincoln over, he climbed up in my lap and just snuggled up into my arms. As I held him and listened to him try to catch his breath, tears filled my eyes. I watched as my child's heart was absolutely broken. In all honesty, his whole problem was himself, but that didn't matter. My heart broke because he was so hurt. I knew he had done wrong, and I knew I had to discipline eventually, but at that moment, my main priority was to hold him and love him. And it hit me.

My Heavenly Daddy feels like this towards me. But even more so. I get myself into situations where I have to go through heart break and my whole problem is myself. But Jesus doesn't run at me with a pointed finger and an "I told you so." He lets me crawl into His lap and catch my breath, while His love overwhelms my soul. I still have consequences and I still have to go through pain, but His heart breaks over my pain. He loves me through the midst of everything I go through, even when it's all my fault. His love goes so much farther than the muck I find myself in. I deserve His wrath but instead he pours out His love. His love is unconditional, unfathomable, redeeming. It's perfect, righteous, and holy. It's flawless.

Whatever you've done, whoever you've been, Jesus is so much greater. His love overcomes your past, present, and future. There's grace enough for today, and every day. Go live in the love and grace that He's poured out on you today.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Four Years Ago

I read a quote one time that says, "God will wreck your plans when He sees that your plans are about to wreck you." September 17, 2010 God wrecked my plans. As I sat in a doctors office and listened to the doctor tell me "You're pregnant," my whole life changed. In just two words, my life was never the same. 

Today isn't a sad day. Today is a celebration of everything that God has done in Lincoln and me, and the life of our family. 

Through every trial, circumstance, tear, joy, laughter, milestone, and moment since that day, God has remained faithful. Life has never, and will never, be perfect, but God has fufilled His promise of never leaving our side. I haven't walked through one second of this journey without Him loving me and I will never be able to praise Him enough for that.

I've watched God do the impossible in our lives over the last four years. He's provided financially, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. He's saved my brother, given me jobs, surrounded us with amazing people, grown our family closer, saved my Dad's life, given me two amazing new siblings, and has my sweet miracle niece on the way. In every moment where I have no clue what step to take, He's already working things out. 

To my parents and siblings {that includes you, Matt and McKenzie}: this day is sweeter because of you. It took me 20 years to realize most families aren't this close. Y'all have stuck beside me through absolutely everything, and I can't thank you enough for always being in my corner. Thank you for loving us both so much and for filling the gaps in both of our lives; we love y'all more than words will ever say. 

To my sweet Lincoln: you are everything I could ever hope for and the absolute best thing that's ever happened to me. Your life was planned by the Divine Author Himself and it's been a joy watching Him use you so much already. I mean it when I say, it is an absolute honor to be your mom and I thank God every day for trusting me enough to bless me with you. I love you so much more than mint chocolate chip ice cream. 

God really does work all things together for our good. I can look back at that 17 year old pregnant teenager and say that He is so faithful beyond words. We can mess up a million times and He is still faithful. When God says He'll never leave, He proves it. When God says He works all things out for our good, He does it. He is always so much more than enough. 

Jesus does all things well.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Legoland {Part Two}

I am finally getting around to posting part two of our trip to Legoland. {If you didn't see part one, it's up here!}

And while being at the actual Legoland park was fun, part two may have been even better. 

After we left Legoland, we drove an hour to Tampa to the hotel and to meet up with my brother and his wife for dinner.

When we got to the hotel, little man was like this. 

Then I had a really cute idea to get a picture of us walking with our suitcases. #fail

My parents had one room and Lincoln and I had one and let me just tell you. My child thought he had died and gone to heaven. Seriously. He asked for a good month if we could go stay at the hotel again.

But then again. I'd like to just go stay too. I don't have to make the beds or clean anything. It is heaven.

And before we get too far. I sincerely apologize for whoever happened to be staying on the floor beneath us. There was not in fact a heard of elephants above you, just me and my three year old playing hotshop {I'll explain that later}, tag, having pillow fights, and jumping on the bed.

After we misbehaved for a little while, we headed out to meet my brother and his wife for dinner. Yay!

After dinner it was late, so we headed back to the hotel to play with Lincoln's new legos and head to sleep. 

I was shocked at how much energy Lincoln still had. When we headed to bed he could not settle down. We stayed up laughing for a good hour. Isn't that what vacation is for? 

Despite how late we fell asleep, this crazy boy was up before seven. 

We headed downstairs since we were already awake and Lincoln was PUMPED about making a waffle. This boy appreciates the little things. 

After breakfast we headed upstairs to play and wait for Uncle Pearce and Mrs. Tenzie {McKenzie} to get to the hotel so we could go to IKEA.

Enter "hotshop." This is apparently hopskotch, but all you do is jump up and down. And apparently there are different versions. We played hotshop nine quite a bit. I still haven't figured out what's different about it, but there's something.

And then we took silly pictures.

Then my parents walked over and came to hang out and wait with us. 

Papa read a lot of books while we waited.

And then they arrived! And my sweet boy was the happiest!

I left my phone in the car at IKEA but it wasn't very eventful other than the four times we went to the potty. Mom life, I tell you.

After IKEA we headed back to their apartment to tell them bye. It's always sad to tell them bye, but that day was worse. Lincoln started bawling. Poor buddy.

We were rocking the stripes that day.

Good news is they come into town the 19th! Linc and I are both so very excited! {We're also having an essential oils meeting at our house the 20th, so if you live in the area, we'd love to have you!}

We spent our drive home playing planes. And by we, I mean Lincoln. I was sleeping. It's a talent of mine.

So there is part two of our trip! I'm so thankful we got to get away for a few days with some family. Have an amazing Thursday!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Grace + Ice Cream

Last week Lincoln and I had plans to head to the park after dinner but Lincoln got in trouble. It was something that been happening for a couple days and finally I told him if it happened again we weren't going to the park. It happened and I was about to put him in time out when I remembered we needed to go to the store. 

We talked in the store about what happened and why he wasn't getting to go to the park when it dawned on me that this was a perfect time to teach him a lesson on grace.

So without telling Lincoln where we were going, we headed downtown for an ice cream. 

As we were driving I started telling Linc about Jesus. He knows that Jesus died for us, but not exactly why so I started explaining it more. I told him how we couldn't go to Heaven because of the bad things we do and so Jesus loved us so much that He died for us. I used the word grace a million times. As I explained it more and more, tears just welled up. 

When I watched him eat his ice cream, I knew he'd done something he wasn't supposed to but my heart was so overcome with love at the same time. I imagine that's how it is with our Father. He knows we've messed up, but he adores us anyway.

I grew up hearing the word grace, but I've really come to understand it over the past four years. Grace is everything. Without His grace, we would have to be separated from the One who loves us the most.

Grace is so simple. But it's also extravagant. It's easy to understand, but it's also difficult. It's easy to take for granted what Jesus did. It's easy to know it in our heads but not see it with our hearts. When I tried to teach my three year old a lesson on grace, I ended up getting one, too.

So sometimes grace looks like eternity in Heaven and sometimes it tastes like mint chocolate chip ice cream. 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Linc's First Day of School

Happy Monday, friends! Today I'm FINALLY blogging about Linc's first day of school! 

The giveaway for the newborn bows is still up so go enter that and then come back here and see some way sweet pictures of my big boy!

Last year when Lincoln started school, I was a mess. I probably cried five times before the week even got there. This year, I had nothing ready till Sunday night and I didn't even cry once. I was shocked.

Lincoln doesn't play with kids much except at school, so I think we were both really excited for him to be around children again. 

Last year he went two days a week and now he goes five. As much as I miss him in the mornings, I know how much he loves it and that makes me happy. 

Monday morning we woke up and ran around like crazy people. I don't usually get a shower in the mornings but I did that day and I made first day of school chocolate chip muffins. I'm not a chef period, but throw in the fact that me and mornings just don't mesh well, and I just don't know how people get that much done before nine {with good attitudes, at that}.

Once we were both ready, I asked him to head outside for pictures. I kid you not when I say all of these pictures were done within five minutes. 

I told him to go outside and he marches straight to the spot we take pictures and starts cheesing. Either he's super obedient or I take entirely too many pictures.

Once we walked into his classroom he saw a bin of cars and then he forgot all about me. He told me, "Okay, you can go now." Please, son, try to pretend you love me.

It was a short day so after he played for a while and I went to a little orientation I went to pick him up where he promptly told me, "It's not time to go!"

Needless to say, he loves school. It's been a few weeks and he still loves it like crazy. I've known his teachers for years and they're both great. I've actually babysat, quite a few times, one of his teacher's children. It's always nice knowing the teachers and knowing how much they care for kids.

So school is going great and I'm loving all my things he comes home with that he's made. I'm so proud of my sweet son and so excited to see all the things God does in and through him this year!

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Happy Friday, friends! 

If you've been reading a while you know I have a niece on the way and I've recently taken up making her bows.

So today I'm giving away TWO newborn headbands that I made.

Even if you don't have a baby girl, you could win the giveaway and wrap it up for the baby shower of someone who's expecting and BAM. I just saved you money. 

The giveaway will run from today till next Thursday! Just enter in the rafflecopter below. I'll email the winners after I verify their entries. Simple, right?

Good luck, friends!

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