Friday, August 29, 2014

Oh Hey, Friday!

Woohoo! It's Friday! It's been a good week here! 

We started off our week with a surprise trip to Build A Bear and picked out a Spiderman bear, dressed it in Iron Man clothes, and named it Mr. Bear. #boymom

It's been in the mid 80s here and my Fall-loving-self is dying of happiness. Here are my five things this Friday!


I wrote all about the PSL Monday on the blog and then a couple days ago I got this in the mail. A just-because Starbucks gift card and some sweet words. I'm so thankful for friends like this!


Tuesday morning I had a huge to-do list but I felt like God was telling me to go somwhere peaceful so I did and it was such a good choice. God knew just what I needed and our time together was the sweetest. 

Sometimes we just need to put down our to-do list and just go listen to our Daddy tell us how much He loves us. And when He tells us how beautiful we are, how much He loves us, and that He has beautiful, brilliant, magnificent plans for us, we need to believe and trust that He means it.


My sister and I showed Lincoln a 4D picture of baby Brilee {my niece, if you're new here} a few days ago and Lincoln informed us, "That baby is dirty. She's messy. I want a clean one."

Praise The Lord she'll be cleaned up by the time he meets her or he'd probably send her back. 

And also look at this bow I made her. I'm dying to see her in all her bows!


I stand amazed at what God can do.

In 1988, God brought together two people who didn't know Him to start a family. By the end of 1992, the Fussell five was complete. In 2011, we added Linc and Matt to make us a family of seven. In 2014, we've added McKenzie and Brilee is on her way to make us a family of nine. I'm thankful for a lot of things in life, but these eight people are what I'm most thankful for. I know in life, no matter what I face, I have eight incredible people on my side and for that I'll be grateful forever. Home is wherever these precious people are.


The other day Lincoln and I got home from somewhere and there were, not just one, but TWO birds in the house. How does this even happen?? {I still haven't figured it out.}

Lincoln and I had to catch them. And by Lincoln and I, I mean I caught them while Lincoln jumped up and down screaming and laughing. We then put one of the birds in a box for a few minutes for Lincoln to stare at.

Soon {I promise} I'll be posting Linc's first day of school and the second half of our Legoland trip! Have an amazing weekend!


  1. Love your family photos!!! How sweet was that thoughtful Starbuck's card? and peace....yes, just what the Lord prescribed. Happy Friday.

  2. Starbucks card was so very sweet! Love the family pictures. I would be so lost without my family!