Friday, August 22, 2014

Legoland {Part One}

Last year my family headed to Disney World and that was our amusement park trip. This year my parents and I decided to take Lincoln to Legoland. I was going to do this all in one post, but because I took so many pictures, it's going to be two. For this post, I'm going to focus only on Friday.

All ready for the trip. Fly swatter in hand.
Only my child.

Friday morning we were on the road by 7:22 am headed to Legoland with a very excited {and cool} Linc man in tow.

This was our first trip since Linc has been potty trained and we only stopped ONCE the whole four hour ride there and that wasn't because he asked. It was for breakfast {where he inhaled three pancakes. That boy can eat!}. I was seriously impressed.

Probably my favorite picture from the whole trip.

This is standard car trip behavior. 
Me freezing, wrapped in a blanket. Lincoln grabbing my feet and hugging them.
This went on for twenty minutes.
Entertainment, I tell you.

And then we saw the Legoland sign and the sweetness started.

At this point I was about in tears. He was the sweetest thing.

So we parked and headed in, where my child proceeded to skip and run the whole time and inform Papa and Geesh, "Come on! Come on!"

One of the first things we did was get our picture made with Lego people. 

Ever since we started talking about Legoland Lincoln has let me know he really wanted to go on the carousel, so that was one of the first things we did.

And then we rode a bunch of little kid things like this and Linc had a blast.

"Mommy, I want to go to the castle!"

When Lincoln informed me he wanted to ride the roller coaster I was really nervous. For one, I had measured him a few days before and he was right at 40". I just knew we'd be the people who wait in line for twenty minutes and then they'd send us on our not-so-merry way because of his height. But after waiting in line we spent about five minutes measuring Lincoln {and me trying to get him to stand up taller} and alas, he was tall enough!

Now get me here. This is a real roller coaster.. not one of those county fair roller coasters. I held onto Lincoln for dear life.

I don't think he realized how it was going to be because when we started going down I look over to huge eyes and him saying, "Oh no!!" over and over again. There was also a lot of "Ahhhhhh!!!!"

I kid you not when I say my abs hurt after the ride from laughing so hard. Lincoln loved it and insists it was his favorite part of the whole day {and mine, too}!

Then we got the bright idea to let Lincoln drive a car. #yikes #pleaseneverturnsixteen

This ride allows three year olds {Who thought that was a good idea?!} to drive a car.. alone. 
So I let Lincoln do it because I'm just as smart as the genius who created the age limit and Lincoln literally spent the whole time running into the side and other cars.
Sorry, girl who worked there. But it was hysterical. My parents and I had a great time watching.

We also drove a boat. This time I was in charge, which is probably just as bad of an idea.

On this little boat ride, you steer and push the pedal yourself. We ran into one boat {In my defense, they were going SO slow}. Then Lincoln decided he wanted to go under the water {see picture above}. To get up to the water you have to run into the side.. there's no getting around it. So we looked hysterical, but Lincoln didn't get wet so he just laughed at me the whole time. 

It was completely entertaining, as evidenced by Lincoln's face in that picture.

Random fact: These two are on a diet and are rocking it. Look how skinny they are. They were our tour guides for the day. I'd go on rides with Linc and they'd watch, take pictures, and find where we wanted to go to next. They're the best Geesh and Papa ever.

And then there was this, which was just plain embarrassing.
We're in the far firetruck, if you can't see. There is a pump in there and to get your car to move you have to push each side up and down.
HELLO, dude working the ride. It's me and a three year old, we can't do that.
So we went no where, Lincoln cried because he couldn't stay to "fight the fire", and a guy had to push our car.. twice. It was ridiculous. We laughed for a good ten minutes about it.
{Mom, stop laughing.}

This one started getting worn out and let me hold him while he rested his head on my shoulder. Sweetest ever.

There were a lot of shoulder rides.

And then we had ice cream, and it was delicious.
Minus our heart attack patient {Sorry, dad}

I'm so thankful for the relationship I have with my family, especially my parents.
The fact that Lincoln adores his grandparents is so special to me.

And then it was time to drive the hour to Tampa to a hotel. But first.. The obligatory sign pictures.

We took this for my sister and her husband.

Lincoln got to choose one thing from The Big Lego Store and he chose this Planes duplo Lego set. It didn't take long for him to pass out.

So that was our day at Legoland! Legos, laughter, and my sweet family! It was perfect. Part two will be up soon and will start from the time we got to the hotel until we got home Saturday night. 

I'll be blogging Lincoln's first day of school soon, too! Have an amazing Friday and an awesome weekend!

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  1. SOOO FUN!

    I was laughing out loud at the pictures of his driving. Awesome.

    I love love love blogging because you will just LOVE reading trip recaps like this in the future.