Monday, August 18, 2014

I'm Back!

I'm back to blogging and beyond excited about it! I've missed reading blogs, posting my own, and talking to all of you who comment! Today I'm back with a bunch of randomness, but later on in the week I'll have our Legoland trip recap!


My baby starts school this morning! This is his second year of preschool. Compared to last year, I'm way less emotional. Instead of going two days a week he'll be going five and I'm so excited for him. He loves school and one of his best friends is in his class. I'm so excited to see what God does in him this year!



I read The Fault in our Stars and LOVED it. I didn't see the movie when it came out because I wanted to read the book first and I'm glad I waited. Once the DVD hits Redbox I'll be going to get it!


We went to Legoland Friday and had a blast. Like I said, the full recap will be up sometime later this week!


If you've been reading for a while, then you know my niece will be making her  big debut in December! Because I'm the best Coco ever I decided to try to make her some bows since I know I'll want her to have a lot. So far I've made three, and rumor is one is on its way to Courtney! I've decided if people like them enough {and if I get good enough at making them} then I might sell some.

Or maybe a giveaway? Who'd be interested in that?


I'm a big fan of buying Christmas presents early because I would rather spend November and December doing fun Christmas things instead of shopping. With that said, I bought Lincoln's first Christmas present yesterday and I'm so excited! Also, I was deciding on whether to buy Linc a LeapReader reading and writing system or not. Does anyone have experience with this? Please let me know! {Or even any of the other LeapFrog products!}

So that's it for today but I'm so thrilled to be back! Follow me on Instagram: @carefuss to keep up with us!


  1. We've missed you!! :) I still haven't seen the FIOS either because I want to read the book first... now if only I could find time to do that! Hope Lincoln's first day of school going great!

  2. Hooray for a return to blogging :) :)

  3. Missed you girl, but I've enjoyed following you on IG :) I bet Legoland was a dream for him!