Sunday, August 31, 2014

Be You

I spent a good part of my life wishing I was my sister. She had so many qualities that, in my eyes, I'd never be able to live up to. It was probably what I struggled with most when I was younger. It bothered me so much. I thought I could never be good enough because I wasn't Kaysley. 

And here's the truth of who I am.

I love Christmas with a passion that's a little weird. Hobby Lobby automatically makes me happy when I walk in. Drinking coffee is an experience for me. I love to be dressed up and look nice, but I hate putting in the time to actually do it. I'm cold at all times. I love to read. I'm emotional. As in, I can cry about anything happy at the drop of a hat. My heart breaks for people I don't know. I want more than anything to be a wife and a nurse. Blogging relieves my stress, and the people I meet here restore my hope in humanity. I'm not very funny. I wish I had infinite money so that I could buy everyone I love everything they want. I hate the idea of dancing in public. I can't sing. I'm stubborn. I miss playing softball for the exercise, but not the team aspect. I'm somewhere in between an introvert and an extrovert, but not shy. I hate when people don't make eye contact. I believe everyone should just be responsible. Weddings make me happy. I like the feeling after I exercise, but hate actually exercising. 

And that just starts the list.

Here's the thing. Those things above are what make me, me. 

Some of those may be similar to you, some might not. And you couldn't be me if you tried. Not because you're incapable of acting, but because God didn't create you to be me. Just like He didn't create me to be my sister, or anyone else.

We spend a lot of time wishing we were someone else. I wish I had her/his fame, family, car, house, money, personality, looks. If God wanted you to have his/her _____, he would've given you that. But God didn't design you to be your parent, sibling, friend, or co-worker. 

God hand-designed you for something great. You have good qualities and you have bad. But God created you to be you and you have exactly what you need at the present moment to fulfill God's purpose for your life. 

When we spend all our time and energy wishing our lives/personalities were different, we miss all that God could be doing in and through us. Because God has something specific for you, it's not going to get done if you don't accept who are and the calling He's put on your life. 

I like to think when we wish we are someone else, we're having an identity crisis. If you're wishing you were someone else, then you obviously don't know just how amazing you are. If you don't know who you are, you'll always wish to be someone else. If you don't know Whose you are, you'll never know your value. 

God created you with His own hands and that means you are of infinite worth. You are made in the image of The Holy God and that means you should never desire to be anyone else. You are important, valuable, and beautiful to The King. 

Jesus didn't create you to be a copy of someone else.

So Be You.

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  1. Love this message! Oh, and learning more about you :) Hobby Lobby makes me extremely happy (and poor) and is it Christmas yet?!?