Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Beachin It

Here's the thing. I live at the beach. 

No. I don't mean thirty minutes away from the beach. I live two miles away from the beach. Which means I can walk there in 30 minutes and drive there in two.

This is where it gets bad. I think I took Linc to the beach twice last Summer. Yeah. Two times. {You people who take vacations to the beach want to kill me right now. I can feel it.}

The truth is, I'm not a huge beach person. I am, however, a huge disgrace to Floridians everywhere. 

I love the pool. You're cool the whole time and there's no sand. But because my child loves the beach, I'm caving this Summer and we will be going at least once a week. That's progress. 

Between the pool and the beach, we've been in the water A LOT lately, and I plan on keeping that up this Summer {when I'm not slaving over nursing textbooks and hanging out at hospitals}. I want to really enjoy this Summer with Linc. Do fun things that we never do. When I'm away from school/work, I want to really be away. I want to savor the Summer, like Kristal posted the other day. 

My mom {who walks ten miles a day - no joke, she's got it going on} walked down the beach the other day and saw the perfect spot for us to take Lincoln. In one week, we have already gone twice.

This is our spot. It's pretty fabulous. 

This is the thing. When the tide is high enough, water comes through those rocks to create a sort of pool that Lincoln can play it that I don't have to worry about a current getting him. It makes me love the beach ten times more.

When we got there the other day it looked like that picture up there. I was so sad. Thankfully we ate some chips, and played in the sand for about fifteen minutes and the water slowly started coming through.

By the time we left we had gotten to play in it for a good long time. I seriously won't take Lincoln to any other spot on the beach this Summer because this place is so amazing. And there's not very many people down there which makes this native happy. Tourists at the beach? No. Just no.

"Let me show you my feet!"

And cheetos. Because duh.

This was another trip we took to the same spot. This time my dad came along and of course Linc was in heaven.

This couldn't be any cuter. 

And how cool is it that my parents came? I didn't have to carry everything by myself. 

Paper crown he made at church + upside glasses = Win

I can tell the rest of this Summer is going to be packed full of trips to the pool and the beach. And I'm okay with that!


  1. Aw how fun, love the pics! Looks like a great day :)

  2. Cute pictures and that really is the perfect beach spot! I grew up at the beach, too - literally around the corner from my house - but since it was in Michigan and we only get to use the beach 3 months out of the year, we were there all.the.time in the summer. When we move in a couple months, we are going to be 30 minutes away from the water and it is already giving me anxiety! We need a house with a pool!