Monday, June 16, 2014

Swim Lessons

When I originally started this post, I included our beach trips lately, but it was entirely too long. So the beach post will come either later this week, or next week sometime. 

I have been so excited to put Linc in swim lessons. I decided a couple years ago that when he was three I'd sign him up. So here we are.

His teacher, Nan, is amazing. He is so comfortable and she does an amazing job with him. If I feel comfortable with someone holding my baby in a pool and it not being me, that's saying something. Seriously. From the moment we started lessons she has impressed me!

Linc does private lessons because that worked better for our schedule, but I think even next year I'll do private lessons. They're a little more expensive, but totally worth the extra attention he gets.

Linc hates getting his hair washed/water in his eyes in the bathtub, so I was super nervous for lessons. But he's done great! He's had two lessons and got much better for the second. His third lesson is tomorrow, and he'll have seven more after that

He must have asked her a million times if he could jump in the pool again. And every time she'd be helping him do something {because obviously he'll sink if she lets go}, he tells her "I want to do it by myself." 

Well then, mister independent.  

You have your Momma's genes, son. 

For the second week I didn't take pictures. Just this one while we were waiting to start. Isn't that boy so cute?!

I'm really excited to see how far he comes by the end of lessons, especially if I keep working with him once or twice a week! 

Be looking out for our beach post! Have an amazing Monday!


  1. So sweet :) :) Love the photos of him jumping into the pool!

  2. Those pictures are so cute, he is just a doll. He looks like he is definitely loving it! Go Lincoln!

  3. What a cute little guy! He looks like he is doing great and good on you for putting him in swim lessons. My little Leslie is so scared of the water and I have been back and forth on weather or not to put her in swim lessons. I am going to follow your example and try it out! Thanks for the post and I wish you and your boy the best!