Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My Brother is Married!

Happy Wednesday, sweet friends! If you're reading this in the morning I'm probably taking or about to take my dosage calc test! Please be praying for me!

This is random and has absolutely nothing to do with my brother's wedding but last night I won a giveaway.. on a blog! Every time I enter one I think to myself, there are hundreds of people entering this.. I won't win. So I was pretty excited to get an email saying I won! Thank you, Elise!

I promised that this week I would post some pictures from the wedding and so here were are. 

{Does anyone remember that I also promised pictures of Lincoln's birthday? Yikes. I'll get on that soon.}

Here's the thing. When I was my sister's maid of honor I could've given you every detail about every single part of the engagement, weeks leading up the wedding, and the wedding day. But because it was my brother getting married and he lives a few hours away, I just wasn't as connected this time. Not complaining a bit, it's just a little different when your sister gets married. So here are a few details from the wedding {and pictures of the cutest ring bearer EVER!}. 

We've started a tradition of kicking the future spouse out of our plans for a night while we go to our last family dinner before the person gets married. When Kays got married we kicked Matt out for a night while we went to dinner as the last time as a family of six. Friday before the wedding we kicked McKenzie out and went to dinner for the last time as a family of seven. 

At the end of 2014 we will be a family of nine! By the end of 2014 I will have gained a sister-in-law and a baby niece/nephew. Jesus is so good. 

Saturday we had the bridal luncheon at a cute place I've never been to because despite the fact that I have lived here my entire life, Lincoln and I frequent Chik-Fil-A way more than nice restaurants. 

Saturday night was the Bachelorette night and I had to steal this from my tagged pictures of Facebook because I didn't take a single picture. The last part of our scavenger hunt ended up at the beach for brownies. Dessert? Yes. 

Sunday morning I got to go to church with this handsome boy. This really has nothing to do with the wedding, but he's cute so you're welcome.

After church we headed to the where the rehearsal dinner was held to help my parents set up. My dad had to blow the leaves off so Lincoln helped. 

I stole this. These are my parents, you'll hear me refer to them as Papa and Geesh most of the time. Look how good looking they are! {Mom.. don't kill me.}

I personally got absolutely no pictures from the rehearsal dinner. That is partly due to the fact that my heels were making me want to die and partly because I was chasing the ring bearer around the whole time. There is one floating around on Facebook of the bridesmaids but I just spent ten minutes looking and can't find it. Just imagine. 

Time for the wedding day! They got married on Memorial Day.

My sister ridiculously joyfully came in my house screaming {at the ungodly time of 6:30 am}, "What're you doing?!?! We're going to be late!" So I jumped up, put on clothes, kissed Linc and told him I'd see him later, and left. Yeah. It was delightful. 

The bridesmaids spent the morning watching a 19 Kids and Counting marathon. It was pretty awesome, actually.

My sister and I after hair and makeup. Take note. You'll never see this much makeup on my face again.

As a side note: I feel awful for the girl who did mine. I hate having my eyes touched. I couldn't stop blinking/crying. She earned her money. Also.. I apparently have such "healthy hair" that it's too soft and won't stay up. I wasn't sure whether I should be offended or say thank you.

61 bobby pins y'all.

It took me a good 20 minutes to get my hair down Monday night.

While I was getting ready with the girls, Linc was getting ready with the guys.

Finally! We were all ready. All pictures taken by Pam Bell Photography.

I'm a super emotional person, so when my sister got emotional before me I was shocked. We took a few pictures with him before the ceremony and I got to see my incredibly handsome prince! 

Call me a bad sister, but I didn't get that emotional until Lincoln walked down the aisle. I saw Linc walking down and started crying. All I could think was how proud I was of him. 

Oh my stars. See why that would make me emotional? 

But really. I was SO proud of Linc. He was so well behaved all day and considering he was up from 6:40 am to 9:30 at night and constantly going.. that's amazing! 

My favorite men.. minus Matt. I'm so thankful for the Godly influences they are to Linc man.

This is my favorite picture from the wedding. I had the most handsome date there!

Handsome boy.

Matt was pretending Kaysley's flowers were a huge boutonniere. I was obviously exhausted because I was dying laughing.

My sweet sister and my sweet niece/nephew. 

And a few of the newlyweds..

So there you have it. It was a beautiful day and I'm so thankful that my brother married a girl who loves The Lord so much. 

I've been joking {but not really} that now that everyone in the family is married but me and the babies.. I've decided that Lincoln, my new niece/nephew, and I will be hanging out at family functions because the rest of them get all lovey dovey on us. The babies are more fun anyways:)

Have an amazing Wednesday, friends!


  1. What a beautiful day!! Lincoln looks so cute! And yes, your parent look amazing :)

    1. Thank you Mia! I'm biased, but he definitely was!

  2. Loved all of the pictures! You looked beautiful and Lincoln was beyond adorable. I'm so glad everything went well with his ring bearer duties! Congratulations to your brother and new sister-in-law! :)

    1. Thank you so much! I'm so glad too.. such a relief!

  3. Such beautiful photos! Linc is a heart breaker for sure!

  4. What a cute ring bearer!!
    I absolutely love your bridesmaid' s dress!
    Beautiful photos :)

  5. What a beautiful wedding!!! You looked gorgeous, Linc was handsome as ever & your parents look great!! What a fine family you have!