Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Linc's Last Day of School/Graduation

I miss blogging. Really, I do. I wish I could blog 3-5 a week, but right now it's just not happening. Which I really dislike, because it's my favorite hobby. {For those of you who don't blog/don't enjoy blogging, you think I'm crazy. Roll with it.}

My stress level is through the roof at this point. I just shipped my computer off to be fixed and will hear about it in about a week. My phone isn't sending/receiving texts. My class in school is all messed up. Without saying anything mean, we're just not being taught much. On top of all that, we've been potty training. Yesterday we had out first day with not one single accident, and that was pure joy. 

But for today.. I'm bringing you pictures from Lincoln's last day of school and his graduation! It's been a while since I've done a full blog just on Lincoln, and I've really missed that, so here we go! 

I am SO proud of Lincoln for how well he did at school this year. On his first day, I had no idea how much we'd come to love his school, teachers, and his class. I'm so glad I made the choice to put him in school this year. 

His last day was super bittersweet. I had my big final that day, and didn't get to take him or attend his party. It was the only one I missed all year though, so I'll call that a success. 

If you read that first day of school post, you know I took pictures to compare to his last day. The amount of pictures I had to take on the last day to get a good one was ridiculous. He wanted to run, or cover his face, or not smile. I'm not gonna lie. It was hysterical.

That smile. 


There are seven more pictures just like this.


Looking back, his face has changed SO much. And so has his personality!

Here are the comparison pictures from the beginning of the year!

Where did my baby go?! 

Then we had graduation! 

For graduation the two and three year old classes got on stage first. They sang some songs and recited some Bible verses. It was the sweetest thing! {Lincoln is in the blue and orange.}

He is hardcore staring at that girl. During one of the songs about a bumblebee, he acted like he was getting one off of her. My word. 


His attention span was lacking for at least half of the ceremony. But hey, look at who his mom is!

After they were done singing they got to go sit with their parents while the four year old had their actual graduation. When they played a picture slideshow of the graduating class, my sister looked over at me and said, "You're totally going to be bawling through this when it's his turn." Such little faith in me. {But I totally will.}

This is Dee Dee. She is the director/principal of his school and she is just wonderful. She has the sweetest heart for Jesus and through the year I'd end up staying some days almost an hour after dropping Linc off to talk to her. She was also my 10th grade Sunday School teacher and I can still remember verses she drilled in our heads. {I'm looking at you, Phil 4:8}. I would come in some days so down or anxious about something and she always had a scripture to lift me up. Such a Godly example and I'm so thankful for her!

These are his teachers, Carey and Angie. I can't say enough about the way that these women loved on Lincoln {and all the kids}, taught them Jesus, and had all the patience in the world. I can't imagine having that many two year olds every day but they handle it with such grace. Lincoln came out of the school year having learned so much, and loving every single day he was there. 

I also was so impressed about they treated me. On Lincoln's first day I was so nervous about how the atmosphere around me would be with me being so young and me being a single mom. It's intimidating to walk into a school as a young, single mom with your child amongst women who are married and have husbands and careers and are much older than you. Lincoln's teachers loved on me, encouraged me, and welcomed me with open arms. I could never give them a gift large enough to repay how they made me feel. For that I am forever grateful. 

I got absolutely no pictures of our family with Lincoln because by the time we gave his teachers their gifts and took pictures with them and Dee Dee, he wasn't having it. He was tired and wanted to run. Obviously. 

It was the sweetest night. Full of Jesus and celebrating Lincoln. 

On another note, I am SO thankful for a family who loves and supports Lincoln so passionately. My parents, sister and brother-in-law didn't think twice about being there and I'm so grateful to have a family who loves my son so much. That is a blessing I don't take lightly.

If you read all of that then you are awesome! I hope you have a wonderful Thursday!


  1. These pictures are adorable even though he wouldn't stand still, haha! He's all boy :) And the class of 2029... that is blowing my mind! I remember wearing my class of 2006 shirt - now I feel very old!

    1. Isn't that insane?! It amazed me back when I wrote it in the Fall. That seems like SO far away!

  2. All those photos are simply priceless. Linc will love having them to look back on when he is older.