Monday, June 23, 2014

Guest Posting

Happy Monday, friends! Today I'm over at Courtney Defeo's blog guest posting. Stop on over there and check it out {and stay.. her blog is amazing and so encouraging!}. 

Please be praying for me as I take a huge test Wednesday morning! Thank you!


  1. WAY TO GO, CARRINGTON! This is amazing!!

    And, are you saying that you hate the PSL or you hate that it's only available a few months out of the year? :)

  2. So impressed with your wisdom and maturity. Not many young women your age would see an unplanned pregnancy as a blessing. Your post reminds me that we, as Christians, sometimes shun or avoid the ones who get off track in life...instead of realizing that we ALL sin; and instead of realizing that we are missing the opportunity to show the love of Christ to someone who is hurting, lonely or scared. And how we shouldn't walk out on people...we should walk IN. Our daughter is in nursing school here in Arkansas, and I know how HARD it can be...and she doesn't have the responsibility of a child. Your son is precious! Thank you for sharing your heart in this post!