Saturday, June 7, 2014

Beauty in the Storm

We can all agree that storms can be scary. Some are little, some are larger. Some only cause trees to fall while others can rip houses off their foundations. Some require that we take cover and some require that we evacuate. Some storms cause us to lose power and some people are terrified of storms.

It's 1:23 am right now {WHY CAN'T I SLEEP?!?!} and lightning is flashing and thunder is booming. The rain is falling but no where near as bad as earlier. 

I personally love thunderstorms. I'm a Florida native and thunderstorms are nothing. In fact, they really calm me. There's nothing better than sitting in our front room watching the rain fall and the lightning strike.

Tonight after Linc went to bed I drove to the beach to watch the lightning.

I had on some music and was just admiring how beautiful Jesus made lightning when Jesus spoke so clearly and said,

"There is beauty in the storm."


It actually hit me hard. Storms can be scary, but they also have a lot of great things that come along with them. Peaceful rain. Beautiful lightning.

The storms of life can be beautiful, too. We tend to run and panic during storms of life. We beg God to just deliver us from them. But maybe we're coming at it from the wrong mindset.

Although I think we can all agree that the storms of life aren't exactly fun, there are good aspects to the storms. 

God can teach us through the storms. Some of the best lessons God has for us come from storms. We learn to be content when we have little. We learn to take from God's strength when we're weak. We can learn a lot through the storm if we're just willing to listen to Jesus through them.

We can grow through the storms. Jesus has really used the storms in my life to raise me up. He's used them to allow everything about me to grow up. I grow up spiritually, mentally, and physically through the storms. We learn strength and wisdom in the storms. Because he teaches us in the storms, we grow in the storms.

Storms help us cling to Jesus. When I felt completely alone through my teenage pregnancy, I remember sitting on the couch one night and telling Jesus He was all I had and just asking Him to hold me. Jesus is a father, a husband, a friend.. He wants you to cling to Him through the storm. 

The storms push us towards what Jesus has for us. I never thought that a unplanned pregnancy would push me towards blogging. I never imagined that I would now have a platform {even if a small one} to share the love and grace of Jesus with teenage moms. You can't have a rainbow without a little rain. You have to push through the storms to get to the blessing that God has for you on the other side.

So while the storms of our life may not be something we'd ask God to send our way, we can definitely find the good in them. We can seek and love God more through the storms. And when we look back, on this side of heaven or when we're with Jesus, we'll be able to see just how He used the storm for our good.

There is beauty in your storm. You just have to look for it.


  1. Beautiful, Carrington!!! Such a great reminder & challenge to keep our focus on Him so we an see the beauty and good in everything.