Friday, May 16, 2014

When Our Protection Isn't Enough

Since it's Friday, I had planned on doing my regular Five on Friday, but today God told me to write something else. So here we are.

Last night before bed, Lincoln told me, "Keep me safe." Oh baby, you have no idea how badly I try to do that.

I want to protect Lincoln with everything I have in me. Every fiber of my being wants to hold him close every second of his life and never let anything bad ever happen to him. But I can't.

This world may be rough on him. Isn't it on all of us at some point in time? I want to protect him from skinned knees and broken bones. I want to keep him from pulling or tearing any muscles. I want to protect him from financial trouble. I want to protect his future home and cars from any damage. But more than all of the physical aspects of his life..

I want to protect his heart. Good heavens, I just want to protect his heart.

It's no doubt he'll experience heartbreak in his life. In fact, last night I watched as his heart broke right before me. Someone did something without thinking of how it may hurt his feelings and it made me mad. I was livid. It makes me angry that anyone could not take into consideration how his heart may feel when they do something. And the thing is.. it may happen again.
So what happens when we can't protect our children?

We give them to Jesus. 

Jesus is ultimately the Creator of Lincoln. He's the Creator of your son/daughter, too. As much as I passionately and unconditionally love Lincoln, somehow The Father loves him so much more than I ever could. As much as I talk to God about how I want to protect Lincoln, I know that the God of the universe can protect him so much more fully than I can.

pray for future kids

Jesus is such a good Daddy. He's the absolute best there is. He loves passionately, unconditionally, intentionally. Jesus is crazy about my son. Your son. Your daughter. He has plans for them {Jeremiah 29:11}! He has a purpose and a future. We have to trust that His love will carry them.

It takes so much faith and prayer to trust that God will hold our children. We have to pray with and for our children. We have to pray daily to release our children back to their rightful Father.

If your fist is closed so tightly around your child, God has no hand to pour blessing into.

Trust me. I understand this isn't easy. This has been a battle I've been in with Jesus for months, if not years, and it's something I have a hard time laying at Jesus' feet. Handing Lincoln over to Him sends me to tears every single time. It's a constant battle that has to be conquered every day.

 So I get it, friend. It's not easy to just trust that your child will be okay. But until we give our children over to God, we'll never experience the peace He's designed for us. So lay them at The Father's feet. If He loved them enough to die for them, He loves them enough to protect them. 


  1. I saw your guest post on Courtney's blog and I'm glad I did. Your words are beautiful and true. I love and can relate to this post so much. Glad to have your blog to follow now :)

    1. Aw, thank you so much! I'm so glad you're following along!