Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lincoln's Easter Basket

Happy Wednesday, friends! If you missed my post yesterday on Lincoln's big room reveal, go check that out!

Today I'm talking all about Lincoln's Easter basket. Not the actual basket.. because who really cares about that {unless it's overly cute with a monogram}. No, I'm talking about the good stuff inside! 

I try really hard not to overdue it for things like Easter and Valentine's Day and I usually fail. For Valentine's Day this year I actually stayed pretty simple, but for Easter.. well. I didn't do so hot.

For each holiday I try to get Lincoln fun things he wants and then mix in a few practical things that I'd be buying anyways. If I'm going to buy it a few weeks down the road why not double it as a gift? He loves it. I save money. It's a win-win for both of us.

I was planning on taking a picture of the actual things I bought him, but I ran out of time and it's a whole lot easier to look them up online. So some don't have a picture. Enjoy!

 The first thing he's getting is this stamp set

When we went to the zoo a while back they gave him a 'ticket' with a train stamped on it and also a train stamp on his hand. He was loving it. That was almost two months ago so I'm hoping he's still as crazy about them Sunday morning.

This is one of the win-win situations for me. He loves bubble bath so I buy it anyways. His Spiderman bubble bath is almost all gone, so I picked up these two on sale {I saved almost $2 a piece} almost a month ago. It's guaranteed that he'll love them, and now I won't have to buy bubble bath for months.

Cars tattoos.

You know the ones. They say they're 'fake' and they 'come off easily' but they're not fooling me. You actually have to peel off your skin to get them off. I'm kidding. Kind of.

But anyways. He loves tattoos. And there's no doubt I will be putting at least two {probably more} of these on him before church. {I got these from Target but they have them pretty much anywhere. 
I usually get him a book about Jesus for Easter, but he has SO many and I couldn't find one that I liked that he didn't have. So I'm settling for the next best thing.. Mommy! Seeing how much he loves reading lately, I'm sure he'll love it.

Expo dry-erase markers.

I won't bother finding a link or putting a picture. Lincoln has an easel with one side that is a dry erase board and all the markers it came with are messed up/dried up now. So the other day I picked up some fun colors at Wal-Mart and I'm going to call it a 'present'. 

And lastly, Chocolate.

I don't usually give him a whole lot of candy for any holiday. I mean, the kid will eat up to six bananas a day {I'm not kidding} and he's really not that much into sweets {or maybe just no where near as much as I am}. That, coupled with the fact that he has awful teeth and chocolate is pretty much the only candy he can have. He's getting a bunny and a cross.

I guess I should also mention he usually gets a movie, too, but since his birthday is the day before and he has a ton of things from me/my parents/my siblings, plus all the things he's getting from friends at his party, he's only getting little things for Easter.

So there you have it! Lincoln's Easter basket! What are some things your children get in their Easter basket?

Come back tomorrow for a special surprise that will keep you laughing! Have an amazing Wednesday!

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