Friday, April 25, 2014

Five on Friday!

You can call off the search crew. I'm back. We had such an eventful week last week for Lincoln's birthday so I've just been taking it easy this week. But I'm back today for Five on Friday, and I'm so excited about what I have to share today! Today is long, but I promise it's worth it!


 Lincoln's birthday week was so great! He got a huge surprise, had an awesome party, had an interview with me, and I wrote a letter that makes me cry every time I read it. But really, it was the perfect week. I tried to do something fun with Linc everyday last week to celebrate his birthday and then Saturday {his actual birthday} we went from sun up to sun down. It was great. God is good to have blessed me so much these past three years.


One of my favorite bloggers, Courtney, and all of her sponsors for the month {that includes me!} are giving away a Starbucks gift card today! If we're being honest here, I'm totally bummed that I can't win it! So head on over to her blog and enter for a chance to win that. Once you enter to win, stay a while! She'd love to have you and you'll absolutely love her!

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May 5th is my final for this class I'm taking and then I'm done with this semester! One step closer to being a nurse and doing what I absolutely love! Please be praying for me as I prepare for my final and on May 5th as I take it! Thank y'all so much for all of your prayers. Your prayers have made all the difference this semester and I'm so thankful to have people in my life who are willing to pray for me!


In this post, I told y'all how I was going to order a couple books to reward myself for finishing this semester and I did! I ordered "The Antelope in the Living Room" by Melanie Shankle and "Redeeming Love" by Francine Rivers. I'm so excited for both books to get here and to spend my whole six days off {what a huge break} reading books that have no medications, side effects, symptoms, or contraindications on them. Seriously. So excited. {If you have any other book suggestions let me know!}


My Jesus is good and He deserves to be bragged on.
I have been a little anxious about finances lately with me not working much and so many things to pay for lately: doctors/dentist visits, blood work for school, Lincoln's birthday stuff, wedding stuff, and tuition/books/gas for school. It's a lot and while I don't usually worry too much about it, this month I have. A few weeks ago I was at church and our pastor spoke on tithing and not worrying. At first I literally thought, God, this message isn't for me. I've never had a problem tithing. And it's true. I haven't had a problem tithing. My problem lies in giving the tithe, and then spending the rest of the time worrying about money. I never think, If I kept that tithe, I could pay for this, this, and this. But I do think, how am I going to pay for all of this? So during that message God really spoke to me about giving my worry up to Him, and trusting that He'll provide for me and Lincoln.
Yesterday I went on my school's website to pay for my Summer tuition coming up {which was a little over $1,000} and for the life of me could not find where the amount was. I checked a few different places and then went back to where I was pretty sure I usually found the amount I owe. And when I went back it said money owed: $0.00.
I looked at it and thought, this isn't right. Where is the amount that I'm supposed to pay? Remembering that I did my FAFSA the other day, I thought no. There's no way. So I started looking through the financial aid page, and there it was.
I qualified for the highest amount of the Pell Grant {AKA: money I'll never have to pay back!} there is: A little over $5600.
This means that I will be able to pay my tuition and the rest will be given back to me. I will be able to pay my blood work which will probably be over $500, and buy books, and use the rest for gas to drive to school/clinicals and back two or three times a week.
I'm crying just thinking about it. To think that a God so perfect and blameless loves this single mom enough to provide for our needs. To see the worry and anxiety and stress on my heart over providing for my son and for Jesus to say, You give it to me. I'll bear your burdens and I'll provide. I'm just in awe. I'm speechless. The King loves me and Lincoln. And I'm just so grateful.

Sometimes it really pays to be poor. I'm kidding. Okay, not really.

So there are my five things this week! I love when my Five on Fridays are filled with my favorite things: my sweet boy, coffee, nursing school, reading, and my Jesus! I hope you have an amazing weekend! 


  1. God is so good! He provides for us even when we're silly enough to worry that he won't :) Good luck with the rest of the semester! You're so close!!

    1. He is! Thank you for that encouragement. It really means the world!

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  3. I loved watching the video of him getting the Guinea, so cute. I really want to get The Antelope in the Living Room too :) What a beautiful surprise, God is so good!

    1. Wasn't that the sweetest? He loves that thing! I'll have to let you know how it is, I'm sure it's going to be great. God is so so good!

  4. Oh heck no, a guinea pig! Girl......

    I want to read the antelope in the living room! Be sure to let me know how it is :) I also want to read her "Sparkly green earrings" as well!

    And the thing about the money?! Oh my stars. Such a blessing.

    1. Haha, are you dying over the guinea pig?

      I've read Sparkly Green Earrings and it's hysterical! I don't usually laugh out loud during books but I did for that one!

      Isn't that a blessing? I'm still in shock.

  5. I got goosebumps reading about the money, God is so good!

    Your little boy is such a cutie pie!! Happy Friday!

    1. He is SO good! Thank you! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!