Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Special Guest

We have a special guest on the blog today. Who is it?

None other than the birthday boy himself!

A while back I saw an idea to interview your child every year on their birthday and record the answers. I knew I wouldn't get any answers out of his second birthday so I've been so excited to do this for over a year now!

Let me tell you. I was in stitches during this. If you don't know how a toddler's mind works, you will after this interview.

To keep from typing entirely too much, L will be for Lincoln, and M will be for me {or Mommy}. His actions will be in parentheses. The pictures in this post are all from the time I was 'interviewing' him. 


M: "Hey buddy, can I interview you?"
L: "Interview me. Yes. Why you interview me?"
M: "Because I want to ask you some questions and see how they change next year."

M: "What's your favorite color?"
L: "Green!" {He is across the room and sees me writing. Runs over to me.}
L: "I see you drawing green! {See's the number three at the top of the page.} Three!!!! You trying to draw green but you drawing fast!"

M: "What is your favorite toy?"
L: "A monster truck! A monster truck!"

M: "What is your favorite fruit?"
L: "Um... Watermelon. What are you drawing? My watermelon??"

{Pauses for a few seconds}
L: "After my name!"
M: "Oh, you want me to write your name?"
L: "Yes. It's Lincoln. It starts with L."

M: "What is your favorite show?"
L: "Um. Woody!"

L: "Write Momma on the paper!!"
M: "Where?"
L: "Up there by my name!"
{So that's settled. Lincoln and Momma are both written down now.} 

M: "What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch?"
L: "Um. Chicken."

M: "What is your favorite outfit?"
L: "Um.. {Points to his blue shirt} blue! And green!"

M: "What is your favorite game?"
L: "Candyland. Candyland. Candyland, Momma!"

M: "What is your favorite snack?"
L: "Blueberries. Blueberries. Momma, blueberries! Blueberries!"

M: "What is your favorite animal?"
L: "Um... An elephant my favorite animal! I'm have an elephant!
M: "You have an elephant??"
L: "Noooooo."

M: "What is your favorite song?"
L: "Dump truck my favorite song.
M: "Dump truck isn't a song, bud."
L: "Um. Show me what a song is."
M: "What songs do you like that I sing?
L: "Poke my eye out." {Starts laughing uncontrollably and then finally gets it together} "Jesus loves me this I know A, B, C, D, E, F, G, next time know your ABCs."

M: "What is your favorite book?"
L: "Tractors my favorite book."

M: "Who is your best friend?"
L: "Cody my best friend. {Silent for about ten seconds..} Write Papa name!!!"

M: "What is your favorite thing to do outside?"
L: "Play."
M: "Play what?"
L: "Play cars outside."

M: "What's your favorite drink?"
L: "Watermelon."
M: "Linc, watermelon isn't a drink."
L: "Watermelon a food. I was teasing you!"
M: "So what's your favorite drink?"
L: "Blue juice!" {Blue Gatorade}

M: "What is your favorite holiday?"
L: "Go to the beach my holiday."
M: "Hey buddy, a holiday is like Christmas or Thanksgiving or Easter."
L: "Um. Easter gives me toys."

M: "What do you like to take to bed?"
L: "Cars. And I was sleeping like this so the bad guy can't get me." {He had a bad dream the night before.}

M: "What do you like to eat for breakfast?"
L: "Chicken."
M: "For breakfast?? What do you ask for in the mornings?"
L: "Um. Um. Chocolate!" {Breaks into hysterical laughter}
M: "No. What do you ask for every single morning when you walk down the hall?"
L: "Muffins and juice."

M: "Where do you want to eat for your birthday?"
L: "Chik-laif {Chik-Fil-A} for dinner."
{Yes. That's where we'll be going for dinner Saturday night.}

M: "What do you want to be when you grow up?"
L: "No. Nope. Nope. I show you the way down." {Playing with a car toy in his playroom.}
M: "Okay, so what do you want to be when you grow up?"
L: "A doctor."

M: "Thank you for answering my questions, buddy."
L: "Welpum" {Welcome}.

So there you have it. My child has the attention span of a gnat, and when we get tickled, we just can't stop. This was seriously so much fun and I can't wait to see how his answers change every year!

It's been fun sharing Lincoln with y'all today! Come back tomorrow for more!

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  1. This is adorable. Candyland and blueberries, my kind of kid :)

  2. Haha I loved this! So sweet and such a great idea to do every year! It will be so fun to have this to look back on :)

  3. This was the cutest thing ever! I laughed so much! He is adorable!