Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Room Fit for a Three Year Old

Happy Tuesday, friends! Yesterday I took my last unit exam {and made an 82! Thank you for your prayers!} for the class I'm in and so now I have three weeks until my final. THREE. WHOLE. WEEKS. I can hear the angels singing!

Because it's Lincoln's birthday week and I have a lot of extra time to study I'm doing something fun this week. From now until Saturday I have a post lined up every single day and they're all about Lincoln. A lot of Lincoln and a lot of randomness coming your way!

Last week I promised y'all Lincoln's big room reveal and I completely failed to get it up. I spent all my free time studying and just couldn't upload the pictures. So I figured the first Lincoln post of the week would be all about his new big boy room!

Lincoln's room was formerly Pearce's {my brother} room. It has been the same dark shade of blue since I can remember. The room only has one small window and it's so shady in the backyard that the room is already so dark.

When he was a newborn his room was safari themed with a lot of baby boy additions. When I got his toddler bed for him, it became a Toy Story room, but I left a lot of the baby boy touches that were special to me. Somehow throughout the past year, it became a collection of baby boy, Toy Story, Mickey Mouse, and way too many stuffed animals. There were basically entirely too many themes going on.

Also, Lincoln's toddler bed used his crib mattress. He's 46 pounds and my mom brought up the point that maybe the reason he wasn't sleeping through the night was because he was uncomfortable on that mattress. After all, it's made for a baby.

So after the annoyance of the multitude of characters and the hope I had for sleeping through the night, I decided to redo Lincoln's room and make it a big boy room.

And so the idea for a day trip to IKEA was born. A couple days before we headed to IKEA, we went to Target and I let Lincoln go pick out his bedspread and decorations for the room. After a lot of  "owl" {aisle} walking, he settled on a dinosaur theme and I was beyond happy it wasn't a character.

I asked him at the beginning what kind of room he wanted and he was adamant about having a "green room" because "green's my favorite!" So we sat in the paint aisle of Lowe's and laughed hysterically about paint chips until we finally came up with Valspar's 'Green Tea'. {For the record: I'm pretty sure when I went into Lowe's I looked like a man in a women's clothing store. I stick out like a sore thumb and have absolutely no idea what I'm doing.. Which is evident by the fact that I bought two different things that were completely wrong. So there's that.}

There really weren't that many changes, but the changes that did happen made it look a lot different. I left the set up of the room the same, and his book shelf and dresser didn't change at all.
Friday my parents, Lincoln and I headed to Orlando to IKEA to get Linc's big boy bed, his mattress {also from IKEA but I can't remember which one we bought}, and an extra set of sheets.

Here are the before pictures of the room.

{Baby boy sonogram hanging on the door}

This was one of the hardest pieces to take down. My parents bought me this for Christmas when I was pregnant. I've prayed these verses over Lincoln countless times.

The frames on the left with Lincoln's hand and footprint were on my registry and were probably the thing I wanted most. The 'Jesus Loves Me' plaque I had picked out before I knew for sure that he was a he, and when I came home from my ultrasound my mom had it waiting for me.

This is really dark, and I couldn't get a lighter picture. But this is a better representation of the walls. The above pictures make them look lighter than they are.

Here are the after pictures!

Yay! {The first four pictures are actually before things were on the wall yet. I wanted to share to show his excitement. The completed room is further down.}

This is when Lincoln first saw his room. This smile isn't posed. He turned to me beaming about his big boy bed.

And then he said, "I can jump on it?!"

Rug from IKEA. Couldn't find link.

We worked really hard on it. My mom did everything with me and is the reason it only took us one day. {Thank you, Mom, for your patience with my painting and ridiculousness at Lowe's.} Seriously y'all, she deserves a medal. We worked from about 2 in the afternoon to have it ready by about 8:30 at night.

I love it! But most importantly Lincoln loves it. Sometimes he'll go into his room just to sit on his bed. He's been telling everyone about his green room and the dinosaurs on his bed.

Tomorrow I'll be back sharing what Lincoln is getting in his Easter basket!


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  1. What an awesome room!!! Great job!! Oh, I can't wait to read tomorrow's post. I feel like I always need some ideas for Easter & valentines day.