Wednesday, March 26, 2014

When Uncles Come to Town

Last Monday I told Lincoln that we had a special visitor coming to stay with us. The special visitor? His Uncle Pearce {my brother}. It's no secret how much these two adore each other and Lincoln was beyond excited that our visitor was uncle Pearce.

When Pearce got here he told Lincoln he had a surprise. A nerf gun for Linc man. But then he pulls out a second one and tells Linc it's for Mommy. How precious is he to think of Lincoln {and me}! 

Monday night our family went to dinner. Pearce doesn't get to visit too often, so it's always amazing when he comes home. My parents, sister and brother, and Lincoln and I all went to dinner. {We missed Matthew.}

Tuesday it was cold and rainy so I asked Pearce if he wanted to go to 'the jumping houses' as Lincoln calls them and he did. When we got there I had planned on only Lincoln playing, but once Pearce saw him playing by himself he paid and started playing, too. Seriously SUCH a great Uncle!

Tuesday afternoon Pearce let me take a short nap while they played. {He's an awesome brother, too!} I woke up to the sound of them laughing.

But my favorite thing about when Uncle Pearce is here? The way he so intentionally pours Jesus into Linc. I have to say this of my family.. They never fail to bring Jesus up. It's what I love most about them.

Wednesday morning Lincoln woke up Pearce to tell him bye before he went to school. When I got home from taking Linc to school, Pearce and I did what an brother and sister would do.. We had a nerf gun war. It reminded me of when we were younger.. running around the house laughing like crazy. A little before lunch Pearce had to head back. He'll be back in April for Lincoln's birthday {and party}!

We love when Uncle Pearce comes to town!


  1. So wonderful to have great family to pour into your lil guy, precious.

  2. So this post made me tear. The bond you share with your brother is beautiful.
    The way your family intentionally brings up Jesus moved me. Thanks for sharing.
    You are one blessed young lady :)

    1. I have an amazing family. They have really stepped up to be Godly male influences in Lincoln's life! I am so blessed!