Sunday, March 16, 2014

Scattered Thoughts

Usually when I write my Five on Friday posts I come up with about 7-10 things and have to narrow it down to five. For some reason Friday I was having the hardest time coming up with things to write! Then later that day {and yesterday} I thought of all these things to share! So here's my Five on Friday Addendum..

I've played baseball since the time I was four. I started softball at eight and played competitively until I was 17 and dislocated my ankle. So yes, I will put Lincoln in t-ball as soon as I can. If he loves it, great. If not, great. But I want him to be active and play sports and so obviously I'm going to put him in the sport I love most. Lately we've been going to high school games and it's been so much fun sharing one of my favorite things with him! Next weekend my parents and I are taking him to his first college game to watch Mercer play JU! I am SO excited! I can't believe I forgot to share this!

This week I found out some {routine} bloodwork I'm going to have for school is going to cost me over $500. I'm pretty sure when the man told me that I turned pale and had a stroke and heart attack right there. I've been praying about it and praying God would provide and I wouldn't have to pay that much and when I went into church this morning the message was tithing and trusting God with your finances. I've never had a hard time with tithing; it just seems natural to me. I don't worry when I get paychecks or when I actually do the tithing. However, I'm that person that gives her 10% and then worries about the finances later. What a blessing that God spoke so sweetly to me this morning. He is our Provider and we have to trust Him with all of it.

God is good. He is just so so good. Sometimes that wraps around my heart in ways I could never imagine. He is goodness and perfection and love. Around March I always look back over the years, and especially the time from when I got pregnant to now and I see so much faithfulness. I see a gracious God who loves in ways I can't quite fathom or explain. He is good.

So there are my things I left out the other day. I hope you're having a great Sunday! 


  1. Our sermon this morning was also about finances and tithing! Don't you love it when you go to church and it's exactly what you needed to hear? Hoping everything works out for you!

    1. It is such an awesome reminder that God knows what He's doing! He speaks in the most perfect moments!

  2. Wish our boys could play tball together...or at least cheer each other on! :) I'm excited to see how God is going to provide for you with this bloodwork expense. No doubt you'll be praising & glorifying Him the whole way. Love it!!