Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Resting in Jesus

{Sometimes I go through my list of posts to see what I need to finish and today I did that and saw this post below. It was completely done and I forgot about it. I wrote this a while back, but I'm not changing any of the words. So in the first sentence, 'yesterday' was really a while back. Hopefully it will speak to you like it spoke to me.}

I'm tired. Yesterday I spent three hours in class, two hours studying with a friend, and two hours studying by myself at home. 

Life is tiring. Life is busy. Life is hectic. 

Sometimes I think, well when school is over, life will calm down. And the truth is, no, it won't.

You don't need a circumstance to be at peace. Because whether you're crazy busy because you're a single mom going to work and school, or just crazy busy because that's how life is, life is going to be hectic.

Things will go wrong. Some seasons are tough. And sometimes you're just downright exhausted.

I find that I don't need a less busy lifestyle to be at peace. I need time with my Creator. {And praise God for that, because we don't usually have the option to be less busy!}

Because although sitting down and talking to the One who made me won't take away the test I have Monday or get the laundry done, it does put me at peace to tackle my day. It's a beautiful thing to sit at The Savior's feet and know He's speaking peace into your life. It's a beautiful thing to know that with His help, we can do all things {Philippians 4:13} 

We don't need an easier lifestyle. We need The Creator to invade our lives.


  1. This is so true! No matter how crazy of a day I have ahead of me, if I spend some quiet time in the morning the whole day goes so much smoother. :)

    1. It's true! I am so much more anxious and worried when I don't spend time with him!

  2. Love this reminder. Sometimes I have to give myself mommy timeouts & go sit quietly before Him to calm myself & refresh my attitude. Love that we can have peace no matter what when we focus on Him