Monday, March 17, 2014

IPad Apps

Happy Monday and happy St. Patrick's Day, friends! Yesterday I found out that my brother is coming home today and staying for a few days! I am completely thrilled and SO excited to see him. I told Lincoln this morning that I have a surprise for him after school so he is going to be so excited to see Uncle Pearce!

On to today's post! Today is all about mine and Lincoln's favorite iPad apps!

Lincoln loves to play on the iPad. My dad has had one for quite a while but I just got mine for Christmas and it really doesn't matter whose it is, he just wants to play on it. I like to let him play fun games, but also educational ones, so here are some of our favorites! 

Early Learning Academy - For this app you have to be a member of ABC Mouse. ABC Mouse costs money, but the app doesn't. It's our most educational app and the one we spend the most time on. ABC Mouse is somewhat expensive, but completely worth it! {Thank You, Geesh, for insisting that he needed it and paying for his ABC Mouse account.}

{All of the apps below are free.}

ABC Alphabet - This is an app that outlines letters and lets the child draw the letter. Lincoln can't do it too good yet, but he absolutely loves it. 


Bible for Kids - Lincoln and I both read our actual copies of The Bible more than using the app, but it's still a good app. It reads to the child, asks questions, and has amazing visuals.


Creativity Studio - This isn't educational but it's fun. It's a Disney app that allows children to draw, color, connect the dots to make pictures, and more. 

We have a few more apps but these are the ones the we spend the most time on. What are some apps that your kids love? We love adding to ours!

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  1. Oh, we are LOVING around here lately!

  2. I have been SO curious about ABC mouse but have never actually looked into it. That's good to know it costs. If I wasn't warned, that would have shocked me. I actually just got an iPad this weekend, so I'm pretty new to the app world for kids. I do have an iPhone & we love the bible app, too!

    1. Lincoln LOVES ABC Mouse. Such a good app! Yay for a new iPad!