Monday, March 3, 2014

Happy Monday!

It's Monday. Linc man is at school so I've been making note cards all morning. I'm on my last pack and yesterday Walmart was out of the neon kind and {obviously} I can't use white. {Staples wanted to charge almost $5 for 300 when I get 300 at Walmart for less than $3. But I digress} It's a problem. I need to go to the store. And study. And do laundry. And clean. And there's dishes to do, too. Hm. Anyways!

Have y'all been missing Lincoln? He's been SO sweet these past few weeks. He woke me up at one morning at six to tell me he wanted to lay on Mommy's pillow. I couldn't even be mad that he woke me up. Here's a few pictures of my sweet boy {who is turning THREE NEXT MONTH! Cue the tears.}.

We're on a football kick right now. Praise God I grew up with a dad and a brother who taught me how to throw. Y'all get brownie points for helping make me a fun mom!

Lincoln loves to get in bed and tell me, "This is my side!" He thinks it's hysterical to argue about my side being his. 

It got really quiet in the house last week so I went to find Linc.. He was in his bed {which he never gets in} snuggling with his stuffed animals.

Just doing invitations. 

That football kick I talked about? Sometimes we take it to bed with us.

Everyone went crazy over this picture on Facebook and Instagram. It's okay. I went so crazy over how handsome he looked I got down in the middle of the parking lot to take a picture. 

My whole world in a picture.

Bedtime with this cutie. "Momma, can we take a picture?" Yes. A thousand times, yes!

"Mom, I jump on the bed?" Yes. I'm that mom who lets my child jump on the bed. 

Sometimes it's hard to go to bed. Last night everything was funny to him.

"Linc man, do you want to sleep on your pillow?"
"No. I'm just sleeping on your belly."
Okay, then. 

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That's it for today! I'm working on a few posts but let's be real.. I have NO clue when they'll be posted! I hope you have a wonderful Monday and an amazing week!